November Writing Challenge Overview


Hello everyone! When this post goes live, the last of the November Writing Challenge prompts and stories will have gone live too. Here, you can find the collection of thirty stories. Thanks to Tim for providing sixteen of those prompts! He had these prompts as part of his Mid-Month Short Story Challenge, so I decided to try out every single one. And it’s been fun, although very tiring and stressful at times.

However, I’ve enjoyed being able to put my mind towards something to draw some inspiration. Through the course of this month, I realised I prefer writing short stories as opposed to full novels.

Again, I like to thank all of my new readers and followers, you are all very much appreciated! I may do something like this in the future, but I might write more posts relating to the art of writing as opposed to actually writing stories for a while.

Here is the full collection:

Prompt Story
  1. You’re the ghost. Dress yourself for a haunt
2. A mad dash through the airport Airport Crisis
3. People watching (part 1) Diary of a Receptionist
4. A queue for a videogame The Queue
5. Cosplay A Day at F-Con
6. An end of a relationship When She Loved Me
7. A discovery of a dead body Deadly Life
8. Tell a story about a party A Bonfire Party
9. A date that doesn’t go as expected Old Wounds
10. An event with cake A Girls’ Afternoon
11. Your take on film noir Dead Memories
12. Writing a story based on a song you picked A Normal Tuesday Night
13. Pen a letter to a stranger A Letter To You
14. Meeting your idol A Chance Encounter
15. On recapturing feelings that are long gone Bem-vindo a Casa
16. Write a fantasy story about a sacred weapon Judas
17. Discovery A Serene Feeling
18. There are demons inside us all He Who Dwells Inside
19. In a cafe Cafe Rouge
20. Explaining first world problems to aliens Humans – A Behavioural-Based Study
21. “I’m no illusion” A Broken Man
22. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it” An Unexpected Invasion
23. Hospital waiting room The A&E Wait
24. People watching (part 2) The Shoppers in Colombo
25. Write about an actual dream you had A God Slayer Glitch
26. “You’re…tall” Making Friends in High Places
27. A story centering on change From Rain To Sun
28. A lazy day A Little Procrastination
29. Writing a story based on a song I pick for you Of Pictures and Paranoia
30. Dealing with the ghosts of your past The Ghosts of a Kind Past


7 comments on “November Writing Challenge Overview”

  1. At this point, I’m going to have to update my post to link out to all of yours. It’s awesome that you did every single one of my prompts (plus 14 more). I swear I’ll get caught up at some point soon.


    1. I’m sure you will! It was very taxing to do a different story every day, and as I’m going to mention in a future post, I wanted to try out different genres that I wouldn’t have normally written on my own. I fancied writing all of your prompts, and they were great prompts!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! I’m glad someone liked them. I had a bit of help coming up with some of the words on occasion (usually from my best friend, who I was about to tag, only to realize this wasn’t twitter lol)


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