Of Pictures and Paranoia – November Writing Challenge 29


Hello again! Right now you’ll realise that after tomorrow’s submission, that’s the end of the November Writing Challenge, and I’m so happy to have done a whole month of submissions, and I’ve had fun with it, though. 

Today’s prompt is a story based on a song that has been picked for me. Thanks, Tim for the prompt, and he chose three specific songs for readers/writers to choose from, incorporating lyrics. I chose Live Through The Night by Dear Rouge. It’s my favourite of the three, so I wanted to!

Aerys hummed to herself as she was preparing food for the birthday party the day after. The food that she had finished was wrapped in cling film or tin foil, and the rest was in the oven or being made.

She had just taken the pigs in blankets out of the oven, where she heard the door open and close. She knew that Ian, her husband of seven years, was home from work at long last.

‘Hey love,’ she shouted from the kitchen, before making her way into the living room. She stopped as she saw Ian’s face set in a scowl that usually meant a terrible day at work.

‘Is everything okay?’ she asked. Ian threw the bag and coat he was holding onto the floor and dug into his trouser pocket to reveal a picture.

‘What is this?’ He asked, shoving the picture in Aerys’ hands. She looked at him, puzzled, before glancing at the picture.

It was a clear image of herself and a friend of hers, Liam. The two in the picture looked intimate, but to Aerys, it was totally wrong.

‘Can I ask what this is supposed to be?’ she responded, confused. Ian ripped the photo from her hands and walked towards the window.

‘This…THIS…is you with that Liam guy. I’m not thick!’ Ian spat, throwing the photo across the room.

To say Aerys kept her cool was an understatement. She walked to where the photo landed, and picked it up, glancing at it.

‘I’m going to ask you three questions, and you better answer them honestly,’ she spoke.

‘You really want to talk about honesty?’ he retorted. She responded with a look of fury.

‘Question one: when was this photo taken?’ she fired off.

‘This Tuesday morning.’

‘Question two: I’m wearing a black dress with silver trim and flowy arms. Do you remember what happened to that dress after I wore it to Santino’s party last winter?’

‘…no.’ Ian sat down on the sofa, confused as to where Aerys was going with the conversation.

‘Question three: who took this photo?’

‘Austin from Graphic Design.’

Of course. Austin from Graphic Design always had a thing for Aerys, and was insistent, even during Santino’s party.

‘Well if you want to put the pieces together, come find me.’ Aerys walked away to the bedroom, locking the door.

‘Aerys! I don’t know what you want me to piece together! Just tell me!’ Aerys refrained from opening the door, but let him know what he needed to know:

‘First of all, you know I work Tuesdays. If you don’t believe me, take it up with Rae. Secondly, you know I only wore that dress once and you ripped it off me when we fucked after Santino’s party. And third, you know Austin has been trying to break us up since he laid eyes on me – he even tried to stop our wedding. You knew all of this, and you still believe him and his clear Photoshop skills? He’s a graphic designer.’

‘…I’m sorry.’

‘What hope do we have if you won’t trust me, especially when the evidence is there?’

‘I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking! I don’t want to lose you!’ Aerys had started crying, and she tried to stifle the sobs. Before she turned towards the bed, she whispered:

‘Why don’t you let me go?’

5 comments on “Of Pictures and Paranoia – November Writing Challenge 29”

  1. This story feels like it’s weirdly related to the previous prompt’s story. Maybe it’s the similar naming, but it feels like there’s overlap or a tie-in somehow.


    1. Probably, but there’s not really a running theme. I wrote this one quite a while before A Little Procrastination, though, but I suppose it’s up for interpretation, if you want to see relations between stories. I didn’t mean for there to be any connecting stories, though.


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