A Little Procrastination – November Writing Challenge 28


Y’know, I feel that the closer we get to the end, the better it feels? Mainly because I’m writing the last few posts in bulk so I can enjoy the last week of November, I suppose. This prompt is a lazy day! So it sums up how I feel right now then!

Procrastinating for one day never hurt, right?

I rarely went for a full day of doing nothing – there was always something that I needed to do, whether that was taking the rubbish out to the chute, or just a general walk. But I just wanted to Netflix and chill for the day, and maybe eat some frosting straight from the tub.

A figure next to me woke up – my husband, Liam. We’d never really had a chance to lay back and relax, but we had other things to do, sadly. I got out of the bed and started to open the curtains.

I saw the snow falling to the ground, and I couldn’t be bothered with the idea of leaving the house. The snow seemed to be luminescent, reflecting the sunlight too well. After a while of watching the snow, I finally decided to go for a shower.

Liam seemed to have read my mind – when I arrived back in the bedroom, I noticed he’d lit my toad incense holder, and a lovely rainforest scent was wafting through the room. I smiled, and crawled back into bed, laying the towel on the pillow so that it wouldn’t get too wet.

It was now Liam’s turn to shower, and I turned to grab my phone. I was suddenly inundated with messages – three friends commenting about the snow, then there was Therese about to fly to Thailand for two weeks (lucky bitch), and then post after post reciting the same buzzwords relating to a particular topic that was

Liam arrived from his shower and crawled back into bed.

‘I take it we’re not going anywhere?’ he asked. I nodded, before putting my phone away.

I decided to open my laptop, and load up Netflix – we eventually settled on Greenhouse Academy, but it wasn’t too long before I could hear Liam’s soft snores reverberate through the room. I chuckled and carried on watching, too engrossed by the plot.

It was a while before I felt my eyelids getting heavier. After finishing the episode I was on, I put the laptop away and cuddled into Liam, falling asleep easily.

Upon waking, I noticed Liam had disappeared but replaced with a plate of bacon, sausages, eggs, beans and toast. I suddenly realised how hungry I was, and tucked in.

At the end of the day, I was glad we didn’t have to do a fire evacuation. I didn’t fancy having to get dressed for that! I finally had the lazy day that I wanted.

9 comments on “A Little Procrastination – November Writing Challenge 28”

  1. In my mind, the narrator here wakes up hugging a plate of breakfast food. Even if it’s not the reality, I’ve decided that’s what it should be.


      1. I too do love the idea of giving my breakfast a warm, metaphorical hug. I’m less sure how I feel about an literal one though.


      2. It has to be a good fry-up for me to give it a warm, metaphorical hug. A literal hug would be too messy, I’m sure


      3. Really it’d just need to be bacon and (American) biscuits for the hug for me. And now I’m having deja vu, as I swear I tweeted about this recently.


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