From Rain To Sun – November Writing Challenge 27


Oh hello there! Thanks for your continued support as I get these prompts finished for you all! It’s been great, and today’s is no exception! Tim provided us with the prompt to write a story centering on change! Now I want to get into it!

I knew things would change when I saw my phone ring, and Kathlene’s name came up as the caller. It was to let me know that I’d got the job I’d been wanting, the job that I would have to move abroad for. I was shocked, and I knew it wouldn’t sink in straight away, even after telling everyone, and even after the going-away party that my parents held for me and invited the in-laws to.

Waking up at three in the morning of the departure was surreal. Just yesterday we were celebrating my partner Jack’s birthday, and suddenly I was leaving. I showered quickly and left my hair to dry naturally – my hairdryer was already in my suitcase, and I didn’t want to have to drag it out. I packed away the rest of my toiletries and got dressed. Jack took down my suitcase, and I was waiting for the right time to set off.

My mum was driving me to the airport, accompanied by Jack and my step-dad Mick. In all honesty, I didn’t want Mick to come, but he’d apparently invited himself. I guess he didn’t want to either but caved in the end.

I helped put my suitcase in the boot of the car, and kept my backpack in the back seat with me, and we set off at half past four. I slept through most of the journey, and only woke up when we were close to the airport. It was five o’clock, and the sun was starting to rise as we got to the airport.

Once we arrived, I grabbed the suitcase and backpack and went straight to the baggage check area with my boarding pass and passport ready to be inspected. Jack, Mum and Mick were waiting for me as I sorted everything and my suitcase went onto the conveyor belt. I turned back towards them, and Mum and Mick said their goodbyes and headed to one side, where Jack and I went up the stairs to security, so we could have a private goodbye.

It was a mostly silent goodbye, which took about ten minutes. I didn’t want to leave him, but I was on a quest to live my dream. It took a while to part after some kisses and cuddles, as well as a lot of tears shed on my part. However, I had to go through security.

After the slog that was security, I went to the duty-free stores to buy some expensive iced tea, and then settle in the open lounge and watch the people walk by happily.

I was texting Jack as he was on the way home, and it was all too soon when the gate opened up, and I was soon getting on the plane.

I looked out of my plane window, trying to stop myself from letting my emotions out. I focused on the view outside, where it was slowly starting to get darker.

All too soon, it was time for take-off. As the plane made its rounds around the runway, the rain started to get heavier, a slight thunderstorm incoming. I was more scared of that thought than the prospect of leaving the country. I wasn’t a great flier, to begin with, so I closed my eyes as we took off.

Despite my fears and hesitation, I was looking forward to the new community to get immersed in. I was diving right into my ambition, to live life and settle abroad. I was heading to the sun.

3 comments on “From Rain To Sun – November Writing Challenge 27”

  1. I really like the emotional imagery in this story. It’s short and really could be expanded in-depth if you wanted to go that route. But it’s a great read as it is.


    1. I might go in-depth when I come to re-writing for a publication in the future. I do plan on revisiting some of the stories for that purpose.


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