Making Friends In High Places – November Writing Challenge 26

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My, my, aren’t we getting close to the end? Well, let’s carry on our merry way with my own prompt, “You’re tall”, so that phrase does have to be included. This is a very short story but I don’t care!

I was becoming aware of the girl that kept sitting next to me in every lesson so far. I’d barely known her – she had just transferred from a school in Saudi Arabia just before the summer holidays, and she seemed to be still settling in. As I was the only person who had a seat free next to them (thanks, bullies), she would always sit next to me. I knew her as Akhila, and she was just a few inches shorter than me.

We’d sat in Maths on a Thursday morning, and we waited for Mr. Watson to come and start the lesson off. I turned to her and said,

‘Hey! Seeing as though you keep sitting next to me, we might as well get acquainted. I’m Laura!’ I greeted her. She smiled, and responded,

‘I’m Akhila! I hope you don’t mind me sitting next to you…’

‘Oh, I don’t mind at all, honestly. It makes a nice change – in case you haven’t noticed, no-one really sits next to me anyway.’

Mr Watson entered the room after that, and we all quietened so that we could start the lesson.

After the bell rang to signal the change of lessons, we all stood up and packed our books away, and marched off to Science. I walked with Akhila through the Art department and down the stairs, and we reached Mr. McDonagh’s room.

‘You’re tall!’ Akhila suddenly stated, to which I turned around, and realised she was talking about me.

‘Huh?’ I was confused as to why I was called a tall person.

‘I didn’t realise how tall you were,’ she responded to my confusion. I was still confused – I was five foot four inches, not exactly a tall person by anyone’s standards. However, I looked at Akhila and realised where she was coming from – she couldn’t have been any taller than five foot herself.

‘I didn’t realise how tall I was either,’ I replied, to humour her. We laughed and found ourselves some stools to sit on to wait for the lesson to begin.

Over the course of the next few years, we would become the best of friends, and there would be times that I would lean my arm casually on her shoulder, for a laugh.

No, she would never take that well!

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