A God Slayer Glitch – November Writing Challenge 25


Here’s one I never thought I’d do! Hello there, hope you had a good night’s sleep last night! Today, I’m writing a story based on an actual dream that I’ve had. I wrote this prompt in the hopes that I’d remember a dream that I could write up.

Just a quick fun fact before we begin – any time I have dreams that ‘glitch’ out like a game (think Doki Doki Literature Club-style), I get sleep paralysis. Lovely! Also, I have very odd, mismatched dreams. So it’ll be a very distorted, short story. Apologies if it doesn’t make sense!

I felt like the most powerless person in the building.

I’d recently had my power stripped in order to save my friends, Marcus in particular. But I was scared of how Marcus would react once he realised that I could no longer perform magic. He had sacrificed so much for me to be able to be closer to him – including defying his father. I was formerly able to wield the power to slay gods, but that had gone now.

Instead, I knew I had to put my energy into physical combat. I started training with Ron, a known sword-wielder and Marcus’ best friend, just for the feeling of usefulness.

It took me three weeks before I was too eager to wait to go out into combat, and so I went on a mission with Marcus and Ron, towards this mansion. A woman stood outside of it, and she had what appeared to be a text bar in front of her.

‘Greetings! My name is Emily! You must be here for the mission.’ the text wrote out.

‘Yes, we are,’ Marcus interjected, ‘my name is Marcus, and this is Nori and Ron.’

‘Please follow me inside,’ the text box wrote out before Emily walked inside, and we followed her into the entrance hall, before entering a small office room, decorated with fancy sofas and bookshelves. An elder man was waiting for us.

‘Thank you for coming,’ he spoke, ‘My name is Jeremiah. I see you’ve met my daughter, Emily. I apologise in advance, she is mute, so we’ve developed this text box for her to use. She can think of what she wants to say, and it’ll appear here.’

‘Like this!’ the text box wrote out, and Emily smiled brightly. Her smile was infectious, and we all smiled in return.

‘That’s quite alright,’ I replied, ‘So what do you want us to do?’

The text showed the following:

‘You need to find the beast – ÈÐÁ⁄õòχσγå,’ Emily spoke, and as if she understood her text glitched out, she continued: ‘Oh, sorry about that!’

As soon as the glitched text appeared, my body seized up. I couldn’t move, even though I willed my fingers to at least wiggle, there was no movement from them. A strange tingling feeling spread across my body, as though I was experiencing ‘pins and needles’. I shut my eyes, fearing that I would see something I didn’t like – I heard of the rumours.

It took a little more wiggling of my fingers before I could fully break free. The tingling sensation disappeared, and I was able to move my body. I shook, tears falling slowly. I kept trying to think of the apparition of Emily, but my body started tingling again. I shoved her from my memory, and turned over and entered a dreamless sleep.

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