The Shoppers in Colombo – November Writing Challenge 24


Hello everyone! With this post, we’re on the final stretch towards the end goal, and I’m excited! Today’s prompt comes courtesy of Tim, who set another prompt for people watching! It’s different from the first, so we’ll get on with it!

It was easy to spy on people in this food court. While I sat in one of the booths on the edge of the circular area, I could see a vast array of people eating their food and relaxing. Because they also spoke a language I was still unfamiliar with, it was easier to make up scenarios based on their actions.

Take Leo and Marcia, for example, who have just left Ola with two ice cream sundaes. Marcia was definitely a gabby girl, taking any moment that she could to speak if she wasn’t breathing.

‘So, like, everyone else was sooooo drunk, and we just didn’t know what to do. Everyone was either passed out, dancing or vomiting and we, like, got scared so we just went home and drank the alcohol in my flat. You should have been there, it was great. Oh yeah, Camilla wants to come round later for tea, did you want to join us? Yes? Great, that’s settled!’

I turned my attention away from Leo and Marcia, already annoyed with Marica’s prattling. I wasn’t usually the truculent type but holy hell!

I focused on what seemed to be a calm family of four. Nuno and Olena were coming away from Sr Bacalhau, where they were carrying trays of food and setting it on a yellow table a little bit closer to me. I could already hear that their kids’ names were Pedro and Tina.

‘Pedro! Tina! Over here,’ Nuno exclaimed to his kids where they were sitting. The children rushed over to the table, the rambunctious tykes that they were.

I didn’t want to focus on children, but a couple crying in the corner to my right caught my attention. The woman had clearly-dyed platinum blonde hair, and the man had styled brown locks.

‘I’m sorry Patricia, I just…I don’t know what to say,’ the male companion confessed, bringing his hand closer to the woman, who batted his hand away.

‘I don’t know why you want to do this! After all this time, why didn’t you tell me anything? You knew my purpose in life is to have children!’

‘You know I want my freedom! I can’t tie myself down with children.’

‘You’ll change your mind. Men always do!’

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder – I turned around to see my friend Jeanette, carrying a tray of food from Ori, the Asian restaurant.

‘Oh hey! Great timing! What’s going on with that couple?’ I pointed to the crying couple discreetly, and Jeanette sat down, listening to the conversation.

‘Ah, yeah, he’s shagging his secretary,’ she supplied, ‘she’s not happy because he got both her and the secretary pregnant.’

‘Of course, that sly fox. Say, Jeanette. Do you make up scenarios that strangers may be in to pass the time?’

3 comments on “The Shoppers in Colombo – November Writing Challenge 24”

  1. I love the expression “a sly fox” being used in this context, as it somewhat runs counter to how I think of it — that being someone who is actually cunning, but uses it for the greater good. It’s a nice touch in the story.


    1. It’s reminiscent to a lot of different phrases me and the real-life Jeanette used to use. This was the same person that eats prawns with pineapple


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