An Unexpected Invasion – November Writing Challenge 22

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It’s getting colder and wetter in the UK right now, so how about a tale of snow? That’s right, the prompt is “I’ve never seen anything quite like it” – thanks Tim for the prompt once again! I can’t write sci-fi so here’s a not-so-much sci-fi, but here we go.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

It started on 22nd November with a massive snowstorm heading in suddenly. Within minutes, the whole street was covered in snow, and we all had no choice but to stay indoors for the next three days, as the snow kept falling and snowed us in.

I was bored, I wanted to explore. We were in quite the pickle if I said so myself. I couldn’t go out, and by the first day I started feeling

But after three days, the snow finally stopped, and it melted enough to allow us passage out of our houses.

When we made our first escape, I knew immediately that something was wrong. A singular tiny black triangle almost hidden underneath the tree. I walked over to it and bent down to pick it up. But as soon as I touched it-


It disappeared in a tiny cloud of smoke. I recoiled in shock, falling over into the snow. I quickly dusted the snow from my bum and carried on my merry way, still revelling in the feeling of freedom after three days of isolation.

I went back to school two days after, the snow had melted barely enough to allow schools to be open again. We had trudged through the snow, and Mrs Carrington greeted us into Maths as though it was the best thing since sliced bread. I could practically see the triangles in her eyes!


Looking closer at Mrs Carrington’s eyes, I could see two small triangles replacing her irises and pupils, and I could no longer focus on the Pythagoras theorem. Instead, I stared perhaps a little too intently into her eyes.

‘Ooooooh! Mikey loves Miss! Oi Miss C! Mikey loves you!’ Blake, the loud kid sat next to me, shouted for the entire class to hear. I ducked my head in embarrassment, feeling my face heat up.

‘Oh be quiet Blake, or else you’ll be in detention. Again,’ Mrs Carrington retorted and carried on with her lesson. I started to feel dizzy, my head felt heavy and light at the same time. I needed air.

‘Miss, can I go to the toilet please?’ I asked, hand raised in the air.

‘Fine, but make it quick,’ she responded. I walked up to the front of the desk and she shoved the toilet pass in my hands. I pocketed it in my blazer, and I walked out of the room, before running down the corridor and stairs, towards the exit. I shoved the door open and embraced the cold and the stares of the triangles before me.

Hold on.

Over the span of the playground and field, I could see masses of triangles, shuddering in what I perceived to be anticipation – some were large, others were tiny specks in the distance, some were medium-sized in comparison. What were these triangles? What were they doing here?

I felt nauseous now. I ran to the nearest corner to curl in a ball, trying to block the view of the triangles. I could feel their presence getting closer and closer. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t muster the strength. My throat dried. My heart thumped hard and fast in my chest. Suddenly, my head seared in main – a blow to the head. I could feel my body convulse in response before everything turned black.

The next thing I became aware of was a buzzing of chatter, and one voice stood out as I woke up.

‘Alright, you scrappy thing,’ he spoke softly before I suddenly felt calmer than I had in years.

‘Whusgoinon?’ I asked, still woozy from the blow to the head. I still managed to stand up, and I realised I was being watched carefully by a few men in lab coats.

‘It’s alright. We’ll make the triangles go away. Just follow me, and we’ll destroy every single one,’ one of them spoke, his face covered by a triangle. I nodded, cautious. I wanted the triangles to disappear. I followed the man, who took me to an elevator. The stereo played Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor by Bach, strangely. I half-expected some strange elevator music. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I wanted to be rid of the triangles. Even if I had to be medicated to make this madness stop.

The elevator opened up to a blanket of white, and nothing else. I had no choice, but to gain enough confidence to take a step forward into the white abyss.

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