Cafe Rouge – November Writing Challenge 19


Hello, and oh Jesus, I can’t wait until this challenge is over if I’m honest! I’ve been so focused on finishing everything here, that I’ve neglected the other work I wanted to do. Oh well.

Today’s prompt is a cafe environment. I gave myself this prompt, as usual.

Cafe Rouge finally got ‘The Q-Word’ – we were not allowed to mention that particular word, because we like a busy environment – so we told ourselves. In fact, I preferred it quieter, because I could focus on cleaning the tables. It was peaceful, and so I took the bottle of cleaning solution and a cloth and got to the work.

The other week, I proposed the idea of a cart to put trays and cups on to while we’re cleaning tables, so that we don’t have to juggle everything and potentially break anything – that happened one time to a poor girl who had her trial shift, and she ran out in tears. That was when Mark, our manager, accepted our proposal. The cart worked rather well, I could focus on cleaning that way, and that was my favourite part of the day. So I was putting the trays and cups and teapots on the cart as I cleaned.

Out of the window, I watched a man take a rotisserie chicken out of a paper bag and give small chunks to his corgi, as well as feeding himself. They looked content.

I mused about them as I carried on cleaning the tables – how nice it must have been to feel so care-free. I soon finished the tables, and I took the cart of trays and cups back to the kitchen, where I hosed them down before putting them in the steam-cleaner for a couple of minutes. I pulled out my hair-tie and re-tied my hair, having felt the ponytail come loose throughout the day.

‘CAN WE HAVE HELP PLEASE?’ Marie called from the till, and I brushed down my apron before heading to the front, where I recognised the next customer as Francine.

‘Hey, Francine! Usual medium peach iced tea to stay in?’ I asked, having remembered her usual order.

‘Ooh yes please! And can I have one of those custard tart things, please? The pastel ones.’ I walked towards the dessert selection and used the tongs to pick up a pastel de nata, before placing it on a plate and setting that on a new tray.

‘Is that everything?’ I asked, and Francine shook her head, before giving me her points card and the exact change, before she went towards one of the booths to plug her laptop in and start working on her thesis. It was her usual routine since she started her third year at university. I went on with making her iced tea, while Marie served the other incoming customers.

It was convenient that by the time the customers were served, it was time for me to clock out for the day. I went to the computer screen to sign myself out, before waving goodbye to Marie and Francine on the way out. I was eager to get back home and stream some Netflix for the night.

3 comments on “Cafe Rouge – November Writing Challenge 19”

    1. Oh yeah, it’s not that common over here, out of about 50 interviews I’ve ever had, only two have had trial shifts involved


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