Shine No Evil – Chimchar Community Day Round-Up

It’s a corny title, I know. But here we are with another Community Day round-up for you guys. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Pokemon-related post because my short stories have taken up all of my time.

It was quite a misty morning when I left, but I managed to make my second Pokestop submission – I might write about this later. I then went to do a nearby Shinx raid, before taking on the task of the day – catching a bunch of Chimchar.

The frequency of Chimchar off the bat was already better than that of Trapinch, and I made my way up to Central Park to continue my shiny journey. I was battling the elements – the rain was spitting, as it does on event days like this. I couldn’t find anyone that I knew for a while, I was by myself with my music to keep me company – not even a shiny Chimchar.

It took a while before I found a couple of people that I knew – Sam and Lewis, and I joined them for the rest of the day. We also took on some Rocket stops, as I still needed to finish the research line before taking on the Team Leaders.

Half an hour in, I caught my first shiny Chimchar (spoilers, this is the shiny Chimchar I evolved into Infernape with Blast Burn).

We were occasionally joined by this awesome kid, Oscar. We all had a good show of competing for shinies, I was four-deep when Lewis ran away from an encounter with Arlo.

After a while, I was the one to beat in terms of shinies, they came in steadily. I was even threatened to be thrown into the pond at the Pods, along with my phone.

The weather was continuously getting worse, but we were sticking around until after Community Day. And honestly, not a whole lot happened until it hit 2pm. Earlier, we had an announcement that Galarian Weezing would make an appearance in a Raid Hour straight after Community Day, which we were hyped as hell for.

I managed to catch 2 Galarian Weezing before we all lost interest and wanted to go home due to the sudden hellish downpour.

I ended with 9 shiny Chimchar and 2 Galarian Weezing. I also got soaked on the way home, which was great. I had the most shinies out of our group (Sam, usually the luckiest, only got four). I was disliked a little while, let’s just say that much!

And this was how my conversation went with Connor when I got home:

Me: ‘Yeah, I caught one shiny.’

Connor: ‘ONE?’

Me: ‘Yeah.’

Connor: ‘Oh…’

Me: ‘Plus eight.’

Connor: I was gonna say…

And that was (probably) the last new Community Day – December’s is expected to be a re-release of the past year’s Community Day Pokemon (yes, sadly including Slakoth). Can’t wait for that one, it’ll span both weekend days!

4 thoughts on “Shine No Evil – Chimchar Community Day Round-Up

  1. Tim

    I only got two shiny Chimchar the whole day. One was the very first Chimchar I tapped on, while the other was a research reward I got about 2.5 hours in. My wife managed to get nine shinies in the time between when I got my two (I think she ended with 10-11). At least I got a perfect Whismur out of it too. You know…if I liked Whismur.

    Looking ahead to December, I can divide the spawning Pokemon into three groups.

    1. Hooray!: Swinub (who I love), Treecko (missed the day), Mudkip (same, mostly), Ralts
    2. Meh.: Bagon Totodile and Torchic (need better ones, but not strongly), Slakoth (love its shiny, but useless), Chimchar (would be in the bottom group had I got more than 2 shinies)
    3. Please no, never again: Turtwig (no.) and Trapinch (sadly underwhelming)


    1. poketravellerlola

      I honestly don’t know how to feel about next month’s Community Days. I can at least evolve my good IV Turtwig, Chimchar and Ralts (Ralts is perfect IV), but I’m not bothered about the shinies themselves. If you were here in Europe, Slakoth would have been in your third category. I think the only ones I want more of are Bagon and Torchic. I’m happy with my 96% shiny Swampert.

      Liked by 1 person

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