Judas – November Writing Challenge 16


Hello again! I’m back with another writing prompt, again given by Tim. Today’s is ‘Write a fantasy story about a sacred weapon’. I’m also lifting this story from my boyfriend Connor’s tabletop roleplay game Parallel, where there is a fantasy element, and my character in said game found a sacred weapon.

When Sierra accepted the adventure, she was expecting more freedom and less swimming in strange bodies of strangely sparkling water for weapons. She and her cousin Blake had discovered a sword and an axe at the bottom of a pool in this broken dimension. The sword had called to him, and he volunteered. The squid-like creature that followed us here would have been better suited for the job, but the cousins had to suffice. After all, Secksy was on a different island nearby and weren’t in the most patient of moods.

Blake went first and retrieved the sword. Sierra waited until Blake was out of the water before she made her way to the axe, which she was able to retrieve with surprising ease. Just as she emerged from the water, the world made a sickening lurch, and Sierra was sent to the main island, next to Greenscale, who was napping. In front of her, was Greenscale, but with an aura that was…off. Suspicious of the new Greenscale in front of her, Sierra swung with the axe and missed. However, the axe flew out of her hands and to the other side of the island.

‘JUDAS!’ Sierra cursed, running towards the axe. The axe stayed still long enough for her to pick it back up. She turned towards the fake Greenscale, who had a sombre expression upon his face and had gained patches all across his body.

‘Oh, how I would love to have that axe,’ he calmly spoke, albeit his tone of voice matching his expression.

‘You can have it in your face!’ She retorted, swinging the axe, this time cutting through his form like air. Feeling a sudden lurch again, she cried out, as she was thrown into a dingy bedroom, along with the real Greenscale. None of her party was to be seen. Sierra turned towards the fake Greenscale, whose form had changed to reveal a patchy draconian form with sapphire-blue scales.

‘Where the hell did you take me, and where is everyone else?’ Sierra growled, holding the axe towards the stranger in her right hand while forcing a high voltage of lightning power in her left.

‘I wanted to speak to you alone, but unfortunately, because of the form I took, I didn’t have much of a choice,’ the stranger replied, nodding towards Greenscale, who sat in a chair by the corner of the room, suspiciously eyeing the stranger in the room. Sierra turned back towards the patched figure.

‘Well, who are you and why do you want this axe?’

‘I have no name. And I can no longer have that axe. You see, you named the axe “Judas”. The axe will no longer leave your side permanently.’

‘Well…I shall call you Patches. Because it’s easier when we all have names here. I’m Sierra, and this is Greenscale. What do you know about this axe?’

‘This axe and the sword that your cousin collected are part of a duet. Because you named your axe Judas, it is to always return to you, no matter the cost. It’s one of the god-made weapons, forged by Verallesh, Kantor’s demigod of lust. While we assumed she originally dispossessed it after it was used to destroy the original Kantor demigod of violence, she instead passed it on to a mortal to carry out her deeds. Let’s just say Quirkshire also faced the brunt of the actions.’

‘So these are god weapons? Like, seriously powerful?’ Sierra questioned.

‘Yes. Although I’ve lost count as to how many times the weapon was passed down. The last time this weapon was reclaimed before yourself, the mortal wasn’t able to give a name to the weapon, and then the clash between themselves and the wielder of the sword occurred. They slew the one that had been corrupted by the sword, and that mortal dispossessed the axe and the sword into a ruptured chaos domain.’

‘But I’ve got it now…’

‘Yes, the weapons’ purposes were lost due to the emotional turmoil between the last two mortals that possessed them. But then you and your companion came and found them before any army or oracle could.’

In the end, Sierra never returned to the island dimension, nor did she return to her homeworld. Instead, she would walk the dimensional planes with Patches and Greenscale, continuously carrying Judas.

3 comments on “Judas – November Writing Challenge 16”

  1. Wait…is Secksy pronounced how I think it’s pronounced?

    I do enjoy that naming the weapon is what ties it to you. One of my favorite video game characters ever would love this logic.


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