A Chance Encounter – November Writing Challenge 14


Hello friends, and welcome to another writing prompt! This one is, once again, my own, and it’s about meeting your idol. I made it freeform, with a few keywords to insert into the story. Now let’s bring in another convention story, I suppose!

I will be honest, it took me getting through my writer’s block to finish this one!

This was going to be the biggest convention of the year, I could feel it in my gut! I was dancing around the hotel room while attempting to get into my outfit for the day and rushed down to head to the convention centre.

The annual Comic-Con was taking place, and as expected, the early access queues were still so long. The air was slightly humid, a bit hot for a summer’s day. I was eager to meet some of my favourite artists and creators, so much so that I had skipped hotel breakfast in order to get there early, and it wasn’t entirely worth it. While slowly moving down the line to get into the building, a man wearing a vicar’s outfit kept standing close enough so that we were touching. After five times of this, I turned around to him, and spat:

‘Dude, if you wanted to touch me, at least ask, you disgusting pervert. One, I’m much too old. Two, I’m the wrong gender. Three, the church is about five minutes away.’

‘You damned whore,’ he responded in some weird southern-USA accent before leaving the queue. I shook my head, still a bit shaken. I looked around for something to occupy my mind. Looking down the queue, I spotted a few people in cosplays that I recognised, and fewer in those that I didn’t – including one just wearing a long black trenchcoat and long gloves over them. I spotted my friend, Abigail, much further down the line, the lucky bitch.

I eventually entered the convention hall, finally ready to tear my way around the stalls one by one and marvel at the products. However, the first opportunity I got, I got some frozen yoghurt because it was just so warm in the convention hall – not to mention a bit smelly at points.

Much later in the day, the venue had quietened somewhat, so I was able to freely browse the artist corner and talk with some authors and artists. I made my way around, and then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that a creator known as BigBadBenny’s stall was practically empty apart from himself. This was my moment – he was my all-time favourite creator, and I was extremely nervous. I knew that I wanted to meet him at some point in the past few years, but this was my first opportunity, and I was going to take it.

I made my way to the booth, hoping my nerves wouldn’t show.

‘Um…hi! I’m SupremeCeleste, from the streams? Just wanted to drop by and say hi!’ I shyly waved, then took interest in the merchandise.

‘Hey, Celeste! It’s great to meet you! How’s your day been?’

‘It’s been great! There’s been so much merchandise I’ve wanted, can’t afford it all, but that’s what business cards are for! How’s your booth been doing?

The conversation delved into a discussion about content feedback, as well as the different prints I was interested in. Soon, a woman approached who I recognised as Benny’s girlfriend, Lily, who also joined in our conversation, and bought some merch that I’d been waiting for.

However, even more people joined in, and I started getting hungry. After all of that, I really fancied a McDonalds.

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