A Letter To You – November Writing Challenge 13

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Now we’ve come to the unluckiest day of the month, let’s get right into it! The prompt is a letter to a stranger. Again, this prompt comes from Tim. It’s at that point where if it’s not made by me, Tim did it.

I wanted to take the path of matchmaking penpals. I used to have a German penpal when I was younger.

Dear Eleanor

I hope this letter reaches you well. As you may well know by now, I’m part of an outreach programme that helps people make new friends. So thank you for reading, and thanks in advance if you decide to respond.

My name is Luke, and I admit I am a bit fearful of social interactions, but I feel that the lack of face-to-face communication helps me in ways that a round-the-table ice-breaker would never achieve. I find it challenging to articulate my thoughts into spoken word, and if we meet in person, you may find me silent like stone, but I want to change and be a better person. My mother was always the consoling type – she would wrap her arms around me and tell me that there was nothing wrong with me, just that I was a bit quiet. I never believed her. Between us, I think she thought it would be a blip in my development and I would be a chatterbox in my teens.

My passion in life was chemistry – a lot of the school lessons in chemistry were experiments with different chemicals, to see what would happen. Even if we knew what would happen, just watching it unfurl is amazing – for example, hydrated copper carbonate is green, and a famous example of such is the Statue of Liberty. I would love to see it someday. I understand you’re from New York – what do you think of it?

I hope I haven’t scared you off yet. I’m always afraid of that. How about we talk about generic interests instead?

I’m not really into sports, despite being a man. I do enjoy listening to a variety of music genres, particularly metal and rap. Naturally, I enjoy reading too.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a chemistry teacher. I wanted to share my wisdom with the children of the future. However, my lack of confidence in talking to people has left me unable to teach. I passed my exams, but I was expected to undergo group projects in college. And nobody wanted to work with me, so I left.

Right now, I hope to be able to do more writing. I want to at least publish a book before it’s too late in my life to. Life is too short, after all.

I hope to hear from you soon. It’s been nice writing, and I hope you’re doing well.

Yours sincerely

Luke Wainwright


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