A Normal Tuesday Night – November Writing Challenge 12


Hello again, and I’m back with another writing prompt! Again, this one comes from the lovely Tim, and this time it’s a story based on a song that I picked. This was a hard choice because music is such a central part of my life (as you can gather from my Lumaria region). But I’m doing a classic in Shia LaBeouf. You know the song! I changed my idea for this prompt twice before settling.

It was a bad idea for me to be in the forest at this late hour on a Tuesday. I should have rejected the thought, but alas, I was here. I was alone, and my phone had just died. It was dark, except for the stars above the canopy of the trees.

Movement, out of the corner of my eye. I spot a man, bearded and rabid, eyeing me with hungry eyes. He seemed familiar, like I’d seen him somewhere before. He was about thirty feet back, following me, defiant. Suddenly, he got down on all fours, breaking into a sprint, like an animal.

Where the fuck was my car? What direction was I going? I had no clue, I kept going, but he was almost upon me. Blood covered his face and body, and I panicked.

I made a run from it, and it registered to me – this man that was brandishing a knife, lurking in the shadows, was Hollywood superstar Shia LaBeouf, clearly a cannibal.

It had become darker, and I felt like I lost him somehow. But, sadly, I was lost myself. I had no hope in this forest, stranded with a murder, and the gravity of the situation took over me.

A steep hill in the distance, thankfully with a stone staircase. I climbed and climbed, trying to save energy for the next time I would face him.

Atop the hill was an underbrush, which I crept through silently, albeit the underbrush itself was narrow, I managed to traverse without any issues.

Aha! A small cottage in the distance had a light on! For the first time that night, I felt hope! I could be saved, at least! But I just had to get there…one…step…at…a-

AH! A bear trap that I hadn’t noticed was laid out, and I had caught my leg in it. The bear trap wouldn’t open with the force of my hands. I had no choice, but to remove it. I sat for a while, gnawing at the leg until I could free it. I had a stump where my foot should have been, but I was able to move towards the cottage quietly, and sit on the doorstep.


Shia LaBeouf was sitting inside, sharpening his axe as I quietly entered. Somehow, he wasn’t as alert as earlier, focused on his axe. I managed to stand straight and sneak up behind him, strangling him in a sneak attack. He, as expected, fought back with a knife. Somehow, I managed to wrestle that knife from him and stab it where his kidney would be. He collapsed, and I claimed victory by limping into the dark woods. Blood was oozing from my stump leg, but I had won; I had beaten Shia LaBeouf.

I heard a gun click and then noticed the gun pointing to my head. I turned towards the person holding the gun – Shia LaBeouf, looking worse for wear, and death in his eyes. I knew that I had to do Jiu-Jitsu that I had learned, and managed to body slam him before he could shoot me. He lost his grip on the axe he was sharpening earlier, and I picked it up, trying to swing at him. I felt woozy, the blood draining fast from my stump leg. He managed to dodge every swipe I could swing at him, parrying to the left. I countered to the right and managed to catch him in the neck. I swung at the neck repeatedly, until I managed to break the head away from his body.

His head falls to the floor, and his body follows. I fell to my knees in relief, catching my breath.

I was finally safe from Shia LaBeouf.

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