Dead Memories – November Writing Challenge 11


Hello, and here’s a new story based on a prompt, and we’re well into the November Writing Challenge now! Thank you so much to my new readers and followers that didn’t come for my usual Pokemon content, but that’s to be expected. I will be balancing Pokemon and writing content in the future.

This prompt involves my take on film noir, which is no doubt a great genre. Thanks, Tim for the prompt, as well as the continuous support!

This may or may not have been inspired by a certain Black Mirror episode, but I digress…

I also realise that my short stories are pretty short indeed, I’m not good with long pieces of descriptive text.

Penny startled awake in bed, quickly glancing around at the unfamiliar room. Panic set in immediately, turning her stomach, and she leaned over the bed to vomit on the floor.

What happened?

The walls of the room were covered in a very floral wallpaper, with a green carpet on the floor. All that was in the room was the bed she was laid on, as well as a rocking chair and a chest of drawers, which contained pictures and newspaper cuttings of herself. Penny immediately ran towards the newspaper cuttings, which had celebrated articles about her acting career and philanthropy work. She turned and looked through the window of the room, and it was eerily silent outside. Nobody was around to find help from.

She couldn’t remember who she was. Why couldn’t she remember where she was?

Penny thought it best to leave the house, despite the acknowledgement that she was in a floral nightdress that almost matched the wallpaper. Her bare feet took to the pavement, where nobody could be seen.

On the other side of the road was a pub, with open doors. The Beacon, it was called. She ran in, to find it almost empty with the lights on. A lone figure was laid on one of the benches. Penny ran up to them, panicked and trying to shake them awake. The person woke quickly but scarpered to a corner when seeing Penny.

‘Who the fuck are you?’ the person asked, very scared.

‘I’m Penny. I…don’t know anything after that, and everyone’s disappeared. Who are you?’ Penny replied, getting up to sit on the bench. The person, a brunette woman dressed in a similar nightdress, opened up slightly.

‘I’m Jade. I…I was attacked by this guy in a white and gold suit. It happened during a brunch. I’ve been gaining information since.’

‘Where is everyone? What sort of information?’

They both jumped as a TV flickered on, showing a woman with pink hair and a silver outfit singing a pop song.

‘There’s a safe-house in the park, at the university campus. You need to cross two bridges to get there. The alternative is…having Mr. Eriks find you.’ Jade approached her to give her the directions to the safe house, as well as mapping out the bridges and possible obstacles. Penny did not know who Mr. Eriks was, nor did she care to find out. She ran out of the pub, not giving Jade a second thought. She had difficulty setting a good pace, having thrown up whatever she had eaten the day before and not eaten since. She traversed the difficult paths, full of potholes before she saw the first of two bridges ahead.

By the time she made it to the green bridge, the path ahead became so foggy that she became unable to see after three feet away. She kept to the side of the bridge to make her away across and finally made it over the first of the bridges.

The second bridge was more visible now that the fog had lifted slightly. She was able to make it over the bridge without any issues, and she came up against a long, winding path through a forest.

Penny bravely traversed the path through the forest, albeit not being lucky with an array of glass shards cutting her feet. But she knew that the park was on the other side of the forest, soon to be in arm’s reach.

As she approached the park, she noticed an array of cameras at every corner, pointing towards her. Some at the cafe building, some at the building with toilets, some in the children’s parks. She walked up to one of them, glaring at the camera lens, before looking around to find the campus.

She found a large building on the other side of the park, and she sprinted for it. Even though she knew there was nobody around, the cameras intimidated her, but they were everywhere. There seemed to be a camera on every surface that could host one.

After what seemed like an eternity, the campus loomed over her, which looked more like a disused building than a campus. She tried the door three times with no luck. Suddenly, everything went dark.

The first thing that Penny registered upon waking up was the lights blinded her, and she reacted by shutting her eyes, which ended in being a big mistake. Handcuffs clamped down on her wrists, and she felt a push to her back, followed by her face falling on the floor.

‘Here she is! I have to thank you, my lovely little lynchpin, Jade!’

Penny couldn’t believe that she was a victim of this ordeal, but the evidence was clear. Jade came onto the stage, still in her nightdress, smiling at the man next to her.

‘Thank you, Mr. Eriks! Here we have the disgraced actress, Penny Thirlwall! I knew it would be a good idea to hire the town for this filming set, especially to torture this little bitch. At least the DVD will go on sale for our troubles! It still won’t bring my Mattie back.’

Penny looked on in disbelief – what was going on? What had she done to deserve this treatment?

‘No worries, Penny,’ Mr. Eriks spoke to her, ‘I’ll let you in on what you did. Do you remember Matt Cole? Of course you don’t. Well, you left a poor child in the middle of a forest to die!’

Penny cried at his statement:

‘I could never. I would never kill a child!’ Mr. Eriks ignored her, while Jade spat in her face.

‘YOU LYING BITCH!’ Mr. Eriks hushed Jade, while placing a hand on her shoulder.

‘It’ll be okay. Now, Jade. What should we do with your infant son’s killer?’

At the realisation of what she had done, Penny fainted. The last thing she would ever see is the hateful look on Jade’s face.


5 comments on “Dead Memories – November Writing Challenge 11”

    1. It was one of my favourites, definitely. To be honest, all of the Black Mirror episodes were weird in their own way (apart from season 5, though). Nosedive’s still a huge favourite though.


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