A Girls’ Afternoon – November Writing Challenge 10

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Hello, and would you believe we’re a third of the way through the month already? Time flies when you enjoy writing! This time it’s a submission based on an event with cake because life is best with cake! I know this one is under 500 words but it would have been too drawn-out had I added in more words.

This is in dedication to my friend Janet, who’s recently finished her chemotherapy treatment, as well as the rest of the Pokemon Go ladies that obsess over cake!

Everyone was looking forward to the afternoon tea party at the local tea room, Little Pots, despite the looming clouds on the surprisingly dry November morning. It had been a while since all of the ladies had gathered, and the main reason for the celebration is that Lydia had finished her cancer treatment, and was looking forward to living her life cancer-free.

Ashley had the idea of organising an afternoon tea party at Little Pots, where she claimed that ‘they do the best cakes there’, and it was agreed that everyone would meet there on a Thursday at around lunchtime.

One by one, the six ladies arrived at the tea room and started chatting among themselves. Maisie was the last to arrive, dripping wet from the rain. She managed an upbeat appearance when she greeted everyone and sat down at the last available seat.

‘Hi everyone! Sorry I’m late, Marc wanted a lift into work and, well, I couldn’t say no with the way the weather’s turned,’ Maisie apologised, and Alex turned and replied:

‘You’re still early, we just arrived super-early.’

The waitress walked down with two pots of tea for the ladies to share and asked if there was anything else that they wanted before the afternoon tea was brought out.

The ladies started reminiscing about how they met, through a very addictive video game, no less. None of these ladies would have crossed paths in real life, and they bonded over their humour and fondness of cake, which would be their undoing this afternoon.

The afternoon tea trays were brought out, laden with sandwiches, snacks and cakes. Linda had to resist the temptation to go straight in for the cake and joined everyone in eating the savoury snacks first. While eating, the ladies asked Lydia to replay the video where she rang the end-of-treatment bell.

‘You’ve been so brave, I don’t know how I would take it, I think I’d probably shit myself,’ Ashley spoke honestly, and the rest of the ladies were inclined to agree.

‘Well it’s remarkable, and we should raise our teacups! To Lydia, for being a kick-ass woman and kicking cancer in the face!’ Lorraine said, before herself and everyone else raised their teacups.

‘TO LYDIA!’ Everyone chorused, before drinking their tea.

They had soon cleared the savoury snacks and had moved on to the cakes. The Little Pots had gone all-out with their cake selection – Victoria sponge, chocolate, salted caramel, lemon and coffee. The teapots had run dry, and so the ladies moved on to milkshakes and coffee to supplement the cake.

The time seemed to pass quickly before Ashley called time on her presence,

‘Sorry Lydia, but the cats are wrecking the house and Mike isn’t doing anything about it.’ They hugged it out before Ashley left. Soon, the rest of the ladies parted ways, and Lydia couldn’t wait for the next time they would have a tea party like this.

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