A Bonfire Party – November Writing Challenge 8

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It’s been a few days here in the UK since we celebrated Bonfire Night, but fireworks go off all the time here around this time of year. So I decided to go ahead and write a story about a party, which is another of my prompts (I should carry on with Tim’s soon).

Long story short for those of you not familiar, we celebrate the fact that some guy tried to blow up the House of Parliament and wasn’t successful, so that’s why we set off fireworks on an annual basis. 

Lucy made her way to the famous Bonfire Night party, which her love interest Derek was hosting. It was always the most talked-about event of the year, and he actually had to badger her into going.

She couldn’t complain, however, as he always brought the best fireworks, and even if he paid no interest in her romantically, just being a part of his group of friends was enough.

Lucy was always amazed by how large Derek’s house was, and it must have been pricey too. She entered to find the crowd in the downstairs areas of the house, and everyone was already drunk enough not to care about the fireworks display later.

When she entered the kitchen, her eyes were drawn to the large watermelon that served as a cocktail keg for the party, and so she filled up a cup with that and went to find Emilia, another friend that she knew would turn up. Emilia was already barefoot when Lucy found her, to nobody’s surprise.

‘Why did you wear those shoes if they were going to hurt,’ Lucy asked her.

‘They look good, and they show off my feet! Jared likes them, don’t you see?’ Lucy looked over to where Jared was stood, talking to another woman, who was commonly known as the Town Bike, before heading upstairs.

‘…about that,’ Lucy consoled her friend, before emptying her cup and heading to the kitchen, avoiding the cloves of garlic being thrown around by some fraternity boys in bright green varsity jackets. Through the kitchen window, she could see the bonfire being lit by Derek, who seemed to be alone. This would be the perfect moment…if she hadn’t needed the toilet at that moment. Pausing for a moment, she went upstairs to one of the bathrooms.

Lucy checked to see if it was unlocked, before entering. The room was empty – apart from Jared and the Town Bike going at it in the shower. Lucy screamed, before slamming the door shut and going off in search of a different bathroom.

An hour later, with most of the party either drunkenly asleep or have left, Lucy wandered outside, still sobered slightly from her encounter with Jared and the Town Bike.

‘Hey, Lucy! How was your night?’ Derek asked, turning his attention away from the bonfire.

‘Well, it’s not bad. Apart from catching Jared with the Town Bike and having to console Emilia about it. Are you enjoying yourself?’ Derek looked over at the house and shook his head.

‘Everyone just cares about the party now and getting wasted. I just wanted to do fireworks as usual, but I suppose it’s not worth it if people are leaving or crashed around the house.’ Lucy sighed, frustrated with the way the party went. She was looking forward to the fireworks if anything.

‘Well, I don’t mind them. I’d actually been looking forward to the fireworks, but got caught up with everything else. That, and the watermelon punch.’

Derek finally cracked a smile and set to the fireworks box.

‘So then, shall we wake these fuckers up?’

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