Deadly Life – November Writing Challenge 7

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Hello, it’s that lucky seventh post today! It’s another one of my own prompts, and I decided to focus on the discovery of a dead body. I went with something based on the Danganronpa franchise for this because I’m also collaborating on a large fanfiction project. This is actually an excerpt from that project, so this was an easy one to draw up.

Also one of the characters is a bit…unsavoury. Let’s keep it at that.

Ding, ding, ding, diiiing!

The television flashed to life, showing the bear that had been taunting us for our entire stay here, holding a cup of tea, about to make the body discovery announcement.

‘A body has been discovered. Please gather in Tasha Clamp’s room. The class trial will begin after the investigation.’

Scarlet looked at the rest of the group in shock, which was followed by a blood-curling scream. Everyone ran to Tasha’s room post-haste.

Tasha Clamp was found in her bed, curled up and she looked to be in agony. She was found by Frederick, followed by Ella and Savannah. Savannah left to bring the rest of the group to the crime scene.

‘So it’s happened. Someone believed that bear, and became desperate enough to want to leave,’ Scarlet spoke softly, inching closer towards Tasha’s body.

‘What are you doing?’ Ella asked Scarlet, horrified at the thought of someone wanting to approach a dead body.

‘Monokuma stated that there would be a class trial. We have to investigate everything. If there are going to be future killings, it’s something to get used to, unfortunately.’

‘Sheeee’s right!’ the all-too-familiar voice rang out before Monokuma appeared beside Scarlet.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ Nagisa asked Monokuma, trying to keep as calm as possible.

‘Isn’t it obvious? It’s one of you guys! Even I am bound by the rules – I cannot interfere with any killings. I’m only allowed to kill if one of you brats breaks the rules! But here you go! The Monokuma file that you will need!’ He passed the file to Scarlet, before seemingly disappearing away.

Scarlet started reading the Monokuma file that appeared on her MonoPad. The file listed off Tasha’s biological details, and the most important thing – the scenario of her death. 

Victim: Tasha Clamp

Time of death: 7.15am

There are no visible injuries on the victim’s body.

‘What’s that smell?’ Darnel asked, walking around the bedroom, before stopping hastily, before conceding, ‘Never mind. It’s vomit.’

‘Euw!’ The girls chorused before Jonathan walked over to Darnel and the pool of vomit. Nagisa took it upon herself to investigate the body, while Scarlet looked towards the desk. She found a plate with crumbs and tiny pieces of rice.

‘From what I can see, she’s had something to eat that was poisoned. Jonathan, Summer. Can you two investigate the kitchens, please? Look for anything that can be poisonous. Myself, Kaylee and Cyril will head to the labs to see if we can investigate what toxins are in the vomit. Savannah, Nagisa. Could you two please stay and guard the crime scene?’

In the laboratory, Cyril and Kaylee were busy assessing the vomit for toxins.

‘I managed to look at everyone’s secrets while they were too preoccupied. One of the secrets seems suspicious to me,’ Kaylee spoke softly, confessing the use of her talent.

‘What’s that one? Yours?’ Cyril enquired, focusing on the sample.

‘It’s Frederick’s. It said that he intentionally poisoned a visiting head of state. I’m not saying it’s much of a lead, but what if he did poison Tasha?’

‘Well, we’ll take it as evidence for now,’ Cyril concluded, taking a closer look at the sample.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Summer approached the kitchens diligently, in a bid to discover where the murder weapon came from. Due to Scarlet’s analysis, it was clear that the murder weapon would be in the kitchen.

‘I’ll check the fridge,’ Summer spoke, before heading to open the fridge, before recoiling at the contents. ‘What’s this?’ Summer asked in disgust.

‘If I’m correct, that looks like a pufferfish. And it seems to be partly used,’ Jonathan replied, observing the delicacy.

‘Isn’t that the one that’s deadly if not prepared correctly?’ Shock rose in Summer’s voice, realising that the pufferfish could have been the murder weapon.

‘That’s right. Could you bring Scarlet and Nagisa please?’

‘Sure.’ Summer spat, before walking out of the kitchen. Jonathan observed the fish for a while before Summer came back with Scarlet and Nagisa in tow.

‘Do I have to go near it?’ Scarlet asked, hiding behind Nagisa.

‘Are you afraid of fish or something?’ Summer answered with another question.

‘Yes.’ Scarlet walked off to one side, afraid of the pufferfish that was out in the open. Nagisa walked towards the fish, and with gloved fingers, observed the insides of the specimen.

‘To me, it looks like the fish has been incorrectly prepared. However, even I don’t know how to prepare this. But you need specialist training and to take an exam to obtain a license, to serve this in Japan. There’s also no known antidote.’ Scarlet took out her notebook to write her findings down, as she knew it would be useful for the class trial.

‘There are neurotoxins within the fish. The neurotoxins cause mouth numbness, vomiting, total loss of all motor functions, paralysis and death by asphyxiation,’ Scarlet added her knowledge of the poisons.

‘You know a lot about the fish, even if you don’t like it. It’s a Jap thing after all,’ Summer spat, scowling at Nagisa and ignoring Scarlet’s knowledge of the fish.

‘Honestly, one day I watched a documentary on it, and even though I don’t like fish, I wondered why people would risk their lives to eat it. Although, that’s a pretty racist assumption.’

‘But we can assume that some form of sushi was made with it, though. And that’s our murder weapon,’ Jonathan stated.

‘I don’t know if this could be relevant, but I found a hair on the plate that I found in Tasha’s bedroom. And it isn’t consistent with her own hair colour,’ Scarlet announced, holding up the hair, which they could see was black in colour, a stark contrast from Tasha’s own red hair. Cyril and Kaylee walked into the kitchen purposefully.

‘We have the results from the…victim’s…sample,’ Kaylee spoke up with purpose.

‘Yes, the-’

Ding, dong, ding, dong!

‘Alright! It’s time for what you’ve been waiting for – the class trial! Please assemble through the red doors in the Main Hall! From there, you’ll be escorted to a delightful class trial!’

‘Shit. Guess we’ll present the results in the trial,’ Cyril spoke. Everyone left the kitchen and started to go into the room behind the red doors in the Main Hall.

Once everyone was gathered in the room, the elevator doors opened, and everyone assembled.

Scarlet trembled at the thought of having to present a case that could execute one of her classmates, but she had no choice.

At the end, the elevator doors opened, to reveal what was waiting for them inside, for this class trial.

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