When She Loved Me – November Writing Challenge 6


We’re on a bit of a roll, aren’t we? Day 6 out of 30 brings us a new prompt – the end of a relationship. Now I’ve only had an amicable break-up when me and my then-boyfriend were eleven, so let’s see how this one goes. Let’s just say I cried writing this, so yeah.

Like with The Queue, this is one of my own prompts. There is a serious disclaimer at the bottom, and I do have to preface with a trigger warning as it contains struggles with mental health.

I met the love of my life one day in college. I remember the day well, it was a cold March day, very inconsequential to start with. But my friend Eric suggested we meet up with a friend of his, called Rachel. They had known each other from school and had reunited in college. I wasn’t sure how to react, I was never one to see girls as anything more than friends, and so I got to know her. She had a simple appearance, brown hair and brown eyes, an interesting personality and a disregard for dating.

There were times where we would all go on outings together, whether it was to the cinema or to the local all-you-can-eat restaurant, or just shopping. Sometimes we would hang out at Eric’s and play games while she watched. And so I introduced her to some video games that I played and invited her to play with me.

The times that we played video games were the best, and I wasn’t aware of it yet, but she was slowly starting to fall for me. I was too dense to realise, but we all gathered together until the last year of college became too hectic for us all to band together.

The outings were few and far between, but we still all saw each other occasionally, gathering especially to celebrate her birthday.

Over the summer of that year, we became closer as friends. She came to our birthday parties and became more confident as time passed. It was very soon that I finally realised my feelings for her, but waited for her to make the first move – which she did. I couldn’t believe my luck, and I was

The next few years were a whirlwind, but we fit together so easily. Our arguments were minimal, as we always talked through things.

Then Hank came into the picture. Hank was Julia’s new boyfriend and immediately immersed himself in Rachel’s life. Hank seemed fine – he was attentive and less liable to steal Julia’s money. They kept the relationship long-distance for a while, which was something that everyone except Hank was okay with.

Hank’s downfall was his alcohol consumption. His alcohol addiction made him volatile at best, and a downright narcissist at worst.

Over the course of a couple of years since Hank moved in, Rachel’s mental health deteriorated. As Rachel was confident in her abilities to get a job, Hank controlled her every waking moment. She at times couldn’t leave the house, in case he judged her for meeting with friends. He isolated her in the worst ways possible before tearing her down. He ruined her relationship with my parents and tried ruining our relationship.

I wish I could have helped her escape, but she was afraid of being made homeless.

On October 2nd 2019, she couldn’t handle it anymore, and she left me. I remember the day as if it was yesterday – the sunlight through the window burned my skin as I found out. She told me later that she couldn’t handle being around anymore. It was impossible for me to persuade her not to leave, as much as I desperately wanted to.

The note she left told me of the pain that I already knew far too well, the pain that Hank had caused for her. How that wanker had caused the two of us to be separated without any chance of reconciliation.

And that same wanker stood there, never once shredding a tear, as I walked down the aisle and took a seat. I could barely hear the eulogy, I didn’t want to be there. I couldn’t bring myself to move out of my seat. I barely registered my mum reaching out to hold my hand to try and console me.

Once everything was done, I left the crematorium, in search of Hank, who was already pissed out of his face with a can of lager in his hand. It only took five seconds to knock the can out of his hand and punch him in the face.

It was nowhere near enough compensation for making Rachel want to take her own life.

As a disclaimer, if you suffer from mental health issues surrounding family, it helps to see where you can get help from, from housing authorities to walk-in therapists. Please also get in touch with your local suicide hotline if you are feeling like this, and need to talk to someone.

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