A Day at F-Con – November Writing Challenge 5


Hello, lovelies! I bring you yet another submission for my writing challenge. The next couple of submissions, like this one, are my own prompts, so let’s have fun with them!

Today’s theme is cosplay, and it has to take place in and around a convention centre. I based it loosely on another convention that I used to go to before it went under. It was an idea for a fanfiction I had in my head for a while, but I wanted to breathe new life into it.

Also, if you’re an anime/gaming fan, try and spot the different references!

If I’d have known how the convention was going to go, I’d have stayed in bed and slept on my plush mattress. The annual convention wasn’t worth it.

I wanted to outdo myself and impress with my Tifa Lockhart cosplay, as I was headed to F-Con, the local cosplay convention, and I knew David would be there. For him, I had the drive to do anything. I usually won cosplay competitions in other conventions, but I knew that with this one, either a fursuit or a child would win, so I didn’t fancy doing anything too spectacular.

I queued outside the Brigade Hall, where the convention was held. I was definitely early, but I could see a fair few girls asking random people to be a part of their Literature Club, as that seemed to be the theme for this year’s outing. The chilly April morning meant I was feeling the cold in my cosplay, but all I could think of was the glorious indoors, in the large red auditorium.

I was joined by my friends, Lauren and Jess, who hovered around me the entire day to take selfies and gush at the endless stalls stocking nothing but Naruto and Sword Art Online merchandise – two franchises I hated. I loved mystery anime, and those two didn’t cut it for me. But they appeased my friends, who came away with wall scrolls and keyrings, where I kept towards the manga, to see what piqued my interest.

I soon enough found David, leaning against a radiator talking to someone who was cosplaying Junko Enoshima – that had to be Kayla, surely. I had to walk away, feeling my heart breaking as he embraced her playfully. Lauren and Jess found me, thankfully, and we headed outside to where the cosplay meet-up was taking place. While there, I started talking to a Cloud cosplayer called Andrew, and we ended up bonding over how bad the convention was this time around.

The main stage churned out a large array of guests – a voice actor from a popular abridged series claiming that he wasn’t David Bowie, some artists and a rock group singing Girls Dead Monster covers. There were also some children singing karaoke versions of popular songs from an equestrian show.

The only reason I stayed was for the cosplay competition. I entered, and all I had to do was head to the main stage where other cosplayers were headed. A few familiar faces emerged, such as Kayla as Junko – and I was amazed at how she kept in character, whereas some that cosplayed large personalities were meek in their introductions. I felt that I had a chance until a child walked up to the presenter wearing a Pikachu onesie. In my experience, the cosplay competitions were only exclusively won by children or people wearing fursuits – and at that particular time, I was neither.

The competition results were in, and the kid in the Pikachu onesie won the competition. I looked around the stage, and the majority applauded but half-heartedly. The clear winner, in my eyes, was the man who cosplayed as Magnus the Red, complete with body paint.

And with that competition over, so was the convention. I wish I had gone home earlier – apart from the meet-up, I was deflated by seeing Kayla garnering all of David’s attention, and the effort put in by me not being seen by him, and the amount of stuff that was there wasn’t enough to engage me.

3 comments on “A Day at F-Con – November Writing Challenge 5”

  1. I’m so behind on your stories. Agh!

    I feel like I can really associate with this one, even though I’ve never been to a con. There’s just something deflating about putting a lot of effort into something and someone else getting the attention for it.


    1. It happened a lot at a local convention that used to be on. Some kid won a cosplay convention because they were cute, and that was it. Funnily enough that con doesn’t run anymore


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