Diary of a Receptionist – November Writing Challenge #3


Hi! I come at you again with another writing prompt – this time I’m people watching! This prompt was given by Tim (as usual), so go check it out as per usual!

I went with a receptionist theme because I just started a new volunteer job as a receptionist so it fits, I suppose!

Just a head’s up I wrote this literally on exhaustion and anxiety. Have fun!

It was a lovely summer day, and I was bored at work – the reception desk had gone quiet since everyone else was in their offices, and I was working on the reception desk independently, so I couldn’t have a natter with Laney. Instead, all I could do was watch the clients go about their day – and even then, there weren’t that many clients.

A couple of gentlemen came in and I greeted them with a ‘How can I help you?’.

‘Aw-right, I’m ‘ere ta see Felicity at two-thirty?’ one of the men drawled in a thick accent.

‘No problem, if you could just sign in, and I’ll let her know you’re here.’ The man signed in to the register, and they took a seat close to the desk. I gave Felicity a quick message to let her know that they had arrived, and I got back to my tasks or lack thereof.

‘Oh that bird at the desk is well fit,’ I heard one of the men speak to the other, digging his phone out of a pocket in his sweatpants. These men wouldn’t know what immaculate was if it hit them in the bollocks, mind.

‘I wonder if she’ll be willing ta get screwed on that desk later. She looks like she’ll get off on it easy,’ the other man responded.

Okay, while it’s not a bad thing to have some on the desk, but the thought of doing it with one of those…men – it turned me off completely. I wasn’t exactly swooned over by their lack of flattery either. I’ll pass.

I tuned out the men and focused on a woman leaving one of the offices – Lisa, a regular. Lisa always wore her favourite periwinkle blue toque, this time paired with a polka dot dress perfect for the summer weather. However, that toque did not look comfortable for the heat.

‘Hey Therese,’ Lisa greeted me as she signed out on the sign-in sheet, ‘How are you today?’. Ah. That question rears its ugly head.

‘Not bad, just a little bored. It’s been a bit quiet. How are you doing?’ Lisa shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

‘Ah, the usual. Marcus thinks we should all go out for dinner sometime. Yes, that includes Peter.’ I groaned at the thought of having to explain my trial separation from Peter.

‘I’ll see when I’m off, and I’ll get back to you!’ Lisa simply waved me off and hurried out of the building. I sighed, ready to sleep. That was when I found myself looking around the entire desk, looking for something to do.  People watching was horrible.

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