A Colossal Washout? – A Colossal Discovery Round-Up

I went to Lincoln to take part in the Colossal Discovery. The Lincoln community is so welcoming, and I recommend raiding with them if you’re in the area. They have a Discord server too, as well as an active Facebook group. However, most of the day was primarily spent with Connor and my friend Sam.

And in the grand tradition of my trips to Lincoln, it rained. At least on the way there, I managed to grab a Bus Shiny Geodude (I get so many Bus Shinies I have to capitalise it now), and because I knew the tasks that were set for today, I kept it as a Geodude until the time came to evolve it.

Like I mentioned, we got to Lincoln and the weather was half-decent, but about half an hour before the start of the event, it started raining, and then it poured. Up until ten minutes before the start of the event, I was sheltered under the entrance to Marks & Spencer. However, I saw loads of raids pop up across the city, mostly 5*.

A large group of us met outside the central war memorial, where everyone meets up in Lincoln for events such as this. Connor got his shiny Swinub, so well done to him!

We hopped from Gym to Gym, including two EX-raid eligible Gyms, and used up our 10 free Raid Passes easily. The Regis had been reduced to a 4* difficulty, just like Raid Days, so even if you had perhaps 3 or 4 people, it would have been fine for you. Meanwhile, I went in with large groups.

The Special Research itself was easy, albeit repetitive. The exclusive Field Research tasks were pretty cool, and while we were given information on four tasks, only three appeared (Make a New Friend was missing, as was the Sneasel encounter). Win a Raid, Win a Trainer Battle and Trade a Pokemon were available, with the encounters being a choice of Skarmory, Shuckle and Aerodactyl. No shinies for me, but I picked up a 98% Skarmory at least, as well as a 98% Regirock over the course of the day.

After all was said and done and we got our Regigigas encounters, we went to McDonalds where I grilled my team of happy helpers on their opinions and we had a discussion about the event in general. This was also where I finally evolved a Gible (I had one traded – thanks Sam!) into Garchomp and used my first Unova Stone (the same that I received from the Research rewards) to evolve my Lucky Lampent into Chandelure.

This morning, I received a Unova Stone from the Research Breakthrough.

The best parts

The best feature we had during this event was the frequency of raids, on top of the shortened egg timers. We ended up raiding on the same Gyms multiple times, and this would have been beneficial for less populated places. It didn’t matter that I didn’t get a shiny Regi, because yes, they will most likely be in Research Breakthrough boxes sometime, and it was fulfilling to do so many raids in a day.

For me, the end goal wasn’t to get a Regigigas – it was to make sure I was enjoying myself.

Suggestions and Improvements

I don’t want to bash the bad parts of the events, but I want to give some constructive criticism. There are a few points to go over, so hang on, kids!

First of all, I don’t think the frequency of spawns was up to par with other events. If we had extra spawn points active just like on Community Day, there would have been more catching to do, and it would have been easier to finish the Special Research. Couple this with extended Lure times, and it would have made for a better day for spawns.

Secondly, the pose is…kinda awful. Would have preferred one that doesn’t look like flossing or scoliosis. Perhaps a victory pose with an arm thrust or arm in the air?

I think the shiny rates for participants was too low, so perhaps an increased shiny chance would have brought more incentive to keep hunting and raiding long after the tasks were done for you. A suggestion came up to replace the 3,000 XP reward for Snapshot with a shiny Regi, but I don’t think that will incentivise players, so it’s an unlikely feature to happen. Would be nice though.

A new addition could have been an inclusion of a goodie bag, perhaps a thank-you from Niantic for buying the ticket. The goodie bag could include balls, healing items, Stardust and an incubator. It would have been a nice touch and it’s perhaps something for them to consider in the future.

It was mentioned that the Special Research was a little short. I admit it was repetitive, but I thought it was a good length, considering I was tired and had been up since 4am with little sleep.

Overall rating

Overall, I give the event a 3.5/5. I can make allowances for it being the first of its kind, and it’s a building block to improve upon for the next event. I think if this was a third or fourth event like this, I would have been more disappointed. And it was cheaper than a cinema ticket, I suppose.

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