Haunt – November Writing Challenge Day 1


I’m attempting to go with a 30-Day Writing Challenge, to coincide with the usual NaNoWriMo. The first prompt is provided by Tim, whose prompt is ‘You’re the ghost. Dress yourself for a haunt‘. I chose this prompt for today because Halloween has just passed. I wanted to improve my narration skills, rather than have dialogue drive the story (which is my go-to for storytelling, and I should really stop).

I haven’t written properly in a while, so it probably isn’t the best writing ever, but I gave it a shot.

So let’s dive in!

Every month since becoming a ghost, it was my responsibility to dress as the victim’s worst fears, and so I stalked them until they disclosed a fear in some way. My easiest targets were children, as they seemed more susceptible to fears, especially in the spooky season of Halloween. I also felt more in control by scaring children.

My current targets were the Laceby twins. I knew they were afraid of spiders and oversized objects. I knew from the way I watched over them every morning on the way to school – they would jump and shriek as even the tiniest spiders made their presence known. They hated Halloween because of the spider decorations – one look, and they would run screaming for their parents. It came to no surprise that they still slept with nightlights, at nearly ten years old.

One moment struck out to me, and it was when their centrepiece in their dining room table played host to a spider larger than usual. It was then that I knew how I wanted to dress for this occasion. Needless to say that the twins were not able to sleep that night.

In a way, it was a shame that I had to dress as a spider for this haunt – my looks usually centred around an amalgamation of the scary beasts with a more fashionable edge – such as a vampire seductress, or a fashionable clown. However, these were reserved for older victims. For this spider look, as well as other child-centred looks, it was less haute couture and more hot glue gun.

I just needed to adjust a costume that I had worked on previously, of a tarantula. Tarantulas have a bad reputation, and a lot of children are so afraid of them, which made my newest plan all the more fun. I did not need to put in as much effort with the costumes, as children were usually scared of the same things – spiders, clowns, bees, ghosts, the boogeyman, you name it. It was easy to recycle the same old outfits, but regarding whether or not they looked good, the jury was still out.

I was focused on getting my outfit ready for the haunt. I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. I had not paid attention to the Laceby twins for a week before the haunt, and so I did not know what had happened until it was too late.

I saw the news on the morning of Halloween – a car accident on the motorway, involving the Laceby family – all but the father and the drunk driver in the car in front had perished in that accident. The drunk suddenly braked, and the Lacebys could not stop soon enough. I stopped working on the spider because I felt the presence of the Laceby twins close by.

I bowed my head, stood and dusted myself off. I looked at each of them in their innocent eyes and spoke:

‘Do you two want to join me on the haunt tonight?’


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