November Writing Challenge Prompts


Hello! As of tomorrow, I will be submitting a post for every day in November. Why, you may ask. Because I’m crazy. I wanted to do something akin to NaNoWriMo, but I don’t want to write an entire novel in the month’s time frame, I will no doubt get writer’s block and give up part-way through.

Instead, I set myself a goal to write a short story for every day of November. I have 16 prompts already, as taken from Tim, and you can find the prompts right here! For each short story that is drawn from his prompt list, I will link to that specific prompt.

Here are my other submissions, following a similar method. I wrote it in table method to make it look more appealing (for me, anyway). There are 14 of them because I wanted to use every single one of Tim’s prompts this coming month.

Each post will be submitted every day at 12pm GMT. It’s so that they don’t clash with my other content.

Prompt Word Count 7 Words to Include
Tell a story about a party Max 1,000 words Clove, badger, foot, watermelon, price, shower, empty
A queue for a videogame Min 500 words
Extra notes: The story has to end with two kids wanting the last copy of the game.
“You’re…tall” Min 500 words
Hospital waiting room Min 500 words Drain, wizardry, hoe, balloon, plate, maiden, snake
A lazy day Min 500 words Frosting, luminescent, evacuation, toad, fly, green, buzzword
Discovery Min 500 words
“I’m no illusion” Min 500 words Raven, bitters, disgust, shine, mirror, black, reversed, scout
Cosplay Min 500 words Heart, drive, chance, mystery, radiator, mattress, raise
Extra notes: The story has to take place in and around a convention centre.
In a cafe Min 500 words Convenient, peach, rotisserie, hair-tie, stream, plug, corgi
Discovery of a dead body Min 500 words Television, announcement, notebook, pool, scarlet, elevator, bear
Extra notes: I’m using Danganronpa as a base for this, but you can use any other inspiration.
An end of a relationship Max 1,000 words
Extra notes: This can be NSFW, depending on how you want to write this.
Write about an actual dream you had Min 500 words
Meeting your idol Min 500 words Air, McDonalds, coat, disgusting, yoghurt, dancing, vicar
An event with cake Min 500 words Treatment, men, lift, work, cats, amazement, bell


6 comments on “November Writing Challenge Prompts”

  1. Ooooo. There’s a couple of these I really like. I think at minimum I found the one I’ll use for a post later in November.


      1. I’ve done the cafe one a few times with various posts. So I think I’m going to do one of discovery/I’m no illusion/You’re…tall. Or maybe more than one. We will see.


      2. I thought of the cafe one because I like to spend time in cafes when I’m writing. The ‘I’m no illusion’ is inspired by another story I’m reading, but it’s a good way for me to interpret the story and given words differently

        Liked by 1 person

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