Lumaria Files 2: Team Silencio

Bom dia! This is the second post in the Lumaria Files series, where I delve into the Fakemon project that I’ve been working on! This time around, I want to discuss the evil team, Team Silencio.

What I originally wanted to do with the evil team was to have a concept where they wanted any Pokemon not originally native to the Lumaria region. The main issue was determining which Pokemon actually originated in the region. A mammoth task that I abandoned, in favour of this one.

I already had the theme of Lumaria being about music and performing arts. So it was natural that I came up with Team Silencio.

Team Silencio’s objective is to silence all of the Pokemon, including Legendaries Fadoria and Amarera, in order to summon what could only be described as a myth.

So what Team Silencio has done is that they have pledged to kidnap all of the Pokemon with any connotations with music and performance. So the likes of Jigglypuff and Midancado have been kept away, to bring silence to the region (honestly, they are so dumb they forgot about Meloetta).

The unique factor in Team Silencio battles is that there is an element of disturbance. Not only are the battle themes all but silent, but when they send out their Pokemon, their cries are muted, as though they have been – you guessed it – silenced. As you progress through the Team Silencio hideout, the music starts playing but slightly distorted – think in the Ultra Wormholes. But once the Leader has been defeated, the music is restored.

I’m not gonna give away much about Team Silencio without the concept art, sadly. I still need to draw some concept art for the region in general.

I know it’s a quick update, and there will be few updates to the region until I can upload some artwork.

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