New Features to Implement in Pokemon Go

Often on here I discuss how we could improve existing features, but today I want to talk about how new features could be implemented, that could change the way that we play the game. I’m not talking about small, quality of life updates – rather larger features on a similar scale to PvP or raids.

Here I will be taking advantage of the features that we already have, too, and see if we can streamline the game to suit a variety of play-styles.

Prestige System

A prestige system is something that would be a brilliant alternative to a level cap increase. We have known for a while that Niantic does not intend on raising the level cap from 40, so we have to think of another way to keep players from jumping ship. There’s not much point in Lucky Eggs (unless you’re one of those TL40x50,000 kinds of people), therefore not much point in gaining XP in general. As the amount of Level 40 players increases over time, and it gets easier to gain that level, there needs to be a system that keeps people interested.

With this prestige system, once you hit Level 40, you are given the option underneath your XP total to prestige. A prestige will involve your level being reset to 1, but you keep your items, Pokemon and your badges. Your Pokemon also keep their levels, so you’re not having to splurge on Stardust constantly.

If it gets implemented, there should also be a system where you prestige multiple times based on your current XP total. For example, if I were to prestige at TL40x2 (54.9million), I could do it twice automatically, and then be stuck somewhere close to Level 39 again.

Each initial stage of prestige could grant a +10% XP bonus up until 10th Prestige level, where it’ll be +100% overall. There could also be a Prestige badge, in increments of 1, 5 and 10 for Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Daycare/Pokemon Center

I grouped these two together for one purpose. There are Points of Interest in Ingress and Wizard’s Unite that aren’t in Pokemon Go. Even some Portals that were newly submitted and approved never arrived in Pokemon Go and this would be the catalyst for this new feature.

In Wizard’s Unite, there are three kinds of POIs – Inn, Fortress and Greenhouse, and each serves a different task. The same could be said for these POIs that weren’t included in Go, where they could be included in the game and turned into Pokemon Centers or Daycares.

The Pokemon Center would be able to heal your Pokemon immediately (every 5 minutes) without the use of Potions or Revives. This would be very handy for those taking advantage of the Rocket Stops or battling in general. Although to make it a bit less broken, perhaps a limit of 6 Pokemon healed per 5 minutes would be an alternative. An extra feature would be a mini-shop, where you can trade item for item – for example, a Pokeball would cost 1 Potion, while other items such as evolution items could be on sale in exchange for berries (I dunno, I’m just making this up).

The Daycare would be your go-to if you wanted to breed for shinies, or if you wanted to hatch a particular Pokemon. So let’s say you put a Ditto and a Sneasel in the Daycare, and leave it for about an hour. You come back (or visit another Daycare) and receive an egg. That egg would hatch into another Sneasel. Not gonna lie, it would be a nice way to obtain more Pokemon and grind hard for that shiny Aron I’ve been after for forever.

Global Trade System

The Global Trade System works so well in the main series games, but people were scared of dud trades through Wonder Trade in Pokemon Go.

The normal trade rules will still stand – only one Special Trade per day and the Stardust costs are the same as you would be Ultra Friends. So let’s say I placed a Mime Jr. into the GTS, and requested a Torkoal in return. That trade would not occur unless the other person selected their Torkoal to give to me in return for the Mime Jr. The trade will commence in the background, with a pop-up message saying ‘Your Mime Jr. was traded to PlayerName for Torkoal’. After the trade occurs, you have the option to add the trader as a Friend.

Because I did large features and ideas, I thought it would be best to come up with three solidified ideas rather than too many that aren’t thought out.

7 thoughts on “New Features to Implement in Pokemon Go

  1. Tim

    One of these ideas looks a lot like something I thought of for the post I was telling you about. Though you implemented it a bit differently than I mentioned in my post.

    I really like the prestige system idea, though I’m not sure I like it more than just raising the level cap. Granted, it’s probably the next best option, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to see the level cap raised.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I’d like to see a level cap increase first and foremost. But seeing as though we’re very unlikely to get that, I thought of a prestige system that would benefit those who have done the grind to ridiculous numbers, and it gives a reason to keep grinding now.


      1. Tim

        Makes sense. I’ve reached the point where I don’t see the reason to play actively a lot of the time. It’s a big reason I’m suggesting a lot of what I’ve written in my post (likely going up last week of November).


      2. poketravellerlola

        I feel the same, if I weren’t shiny hunting, I doubt I’d be playing nearly as actively as I am doing now, if I’m honest. There’s no real sense of accomplishment from reaching a new level any more.

        Liked by 1 person

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    1. poketravellerlola

      Thanks, but 1) English is my native language. 2) I’m the person everyone comes to when they want to spell something. 3) I have a reputation for lack of spelling errors. 4) I use Grammarly to catch any typos.

      So you’re not exactly telling the truth, I do not struggle with spelling in the slightest.


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