Much-Needed Changes to Pokemon Go

Earlier this year I posted about the most needed quality of life updates for Pokemon Go. This will be a similar post, but it will be more features that need attention. These are the ones that would very much improve the quality of life within the game immensely.

1) Battle-ready button in raids

While this can be said it’s for convenience, there are growing concerns about raiding behaviour. Recently, Niantic settled on a lawsuit that requires them, among other things, to have to play messages warning players to be courteous to real-life while playing, and this should be coming up in raids too. With that in mind, it would be best to reiterate the suggestion of having a button for players to press when they are ready to enter the raid battle. This is no longer just for convenience, given the circumstances. All players in the lobby would have to select this button in order to proceed before the two-minute timer is up, just like in other games.

They’ve already implemented this feature in Wizard’s Unite, so that’s a good lead to get them to implement it into Pokemon Go.

2) Reinstate the fast catch glitch

While there is a way to fast catch using the Pokeball slider, the one I’m talking about was released more recently, allowing players to back out of encounters using the back button on the phone, as soon as the Pokeball hits the Pokemon. This was brilliant, especially when one hand could be used and it would allow you to catch a quick succession of Pokemon in a short period of time, especially if you play on a bus like I do. Since Niantic patched it, the catching has gone back to being very slow. It would have prevented Connor from missing out on an EX Raid, that’s for certain!

3) Overworld shinies

I mentioned this in the last post, but for the time being, it would be nice to have this during Community Days. For me, the aim of Community Day is to cover as much ground as possible. Along with the fast catch glitch, Community Days would be made much simpler. With overworld shinies, it would be a case of prioritising the shinies and then catching the rest once all is said and done.

4) Evolved form shinies

Another point I mentioned in the last post was that we needed evolved forms of shiny-eligible Pokemon to be shiny also. How often have you come across a Sharpedo raid or a wild rare Pokemon and thought ‘this would have been a great shiny catch’? It would tempt me to check more of these Pokemon and do more raids. I don’t do Machamp raids because I already have a maxed out 100% IV Machamp, as well as two other decent IVs.

5) Mass-gift sending

Sending gifts is slow, especially when you have to check whether or not every one of your 200 friends has opened their gift recently. For me, who has become horrible at sending gifts, I would find it useful if there was a mass gift-sending button to the highest ten friends on your list (excluding those who already sent you gifts). It would cut the time needed to send gifts by a country mile, that’s for certain. That way we could collect 10 gifts, send them all at a click of a button and then repeat.

These are just five of the changes that we really need to come into the game, as opposed to masking the cracks with shinies and shadow Pokemon because let’s face it, shinies are not a suitable substitute for Polyfilla*.

*Note: not sponsored by Polyfilla.

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