Lumaria Files 1 – Introducing the Fakemon Region

Bom dia! Here I am, with another new series – in this one, I want to talk about a project that I’ve been working on for the past few months on and off, and that is the Lumaria region.

Lumaria is the Fakemon region based on the country of Portugal. I felt that after having spent time in the country, I wanted to pay homage in a way. There was so much inspiration, and even now, I can draw inspiration from things that I remember and have pictures of.

Lumaria, like some other regions in the Pokemon world, follow a theme. Kalos followed a theme of style, while Alola followed a theme of tradition, nature and culture, as well as bonds. Lumaria follows the theme of arts and music. While I took the name of a district in Lisbon (Lumiar), I changed it a little and added -aria at the end of ‘Lum’ to drive home the theme. Aside from Sinnoh, it is the only region with more than 5 letters in its name, and the only one with more than two syllables (Lu-ma-ri-a).

The residents follow the wishes of the rumoured Pokemon that has not emerged for over 3,000 years.

I want to upload the map, but I drew it on paper and I don’t have access to the scanner or PC with which I draw on. However, the map will feature as another part of the Lumaria Files, as well as Pokemon concept art!

The soundtrack will feature a mixture of upbeat and slower Fado-style music, with elements being included in battle and encounter themes. If you want an idea of the inspirations, please check out this Spotify playlist. The playlist features fado music, as well as other songs that helped inspire the Lumaria region, and songs I listened to while in Lisbon itself.

The evil team, however, will be vastly different. Let’s just say they are hugely different from Team Yell from the Galar region. I’ll introduce them in the next edition of Lumaria Files.

Fun facts:

  • Neither the main characters nor the current Lumarian champion, are native to the Lumaria region, each hailing from Galar and Sinnoh respectively.
  • I took a lot of inspiration from Fado music for this region, as well as my trip to Portugal (which I talk about all the damn time).
  • The main Mythical Pokemon is actually based on a dress.
  • For a few of the concepts for Pokemon, I assigned myself a challenge to see whether or not I could create Pokemon designs and ideas based on looks from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11. Overall there will be 18 of these Pokemon. I chose one look per category, including promo looks.
  • This region sees the debut of some unique type combinations – Grass/Fire, Poison/Steel and Fire/Fairy.
  • The region introduces three new Eeveelutions (this may change depending on Sword/Shield).
  • There is an endgame.

4 thoughts on “Lumaria Files 1 – Introducing the Fakemon Region

    1. poketravellerlola

      Had to remove the Poison/Fairy typing because I just remembered Galarian Weezing. But yeah, the Poison/Steel typing belongs to a Legendary Pokemon that was based on an exhibit at an aquarium.


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