Some Facts About Me


I’ve only done some facts posts relating to Pokemon, so I thought I’d give some more alternative facts that you may not know about me. Think of it as another post nobody asked for but I’ll give anyway!

  1. My favourite season is autumn, because everything starts getting cooler, and by that point, I’m looking forward to the holiday seasons.
  2. My favourite band is Billy Talent. However, I have yet to see them perform live.
  3. I like doing arts and crafts, even if I’m terrible at it (which I admittedly am).
  4. I’m trying to make a return to cosplay, mainly so that I can make Tik Toks.
  5. My first cosplay was Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World – technically. It was a quick throw-on for a university icebreaker, and I don’t have a photo. I enjoyed the shoot, however.
  6. I did a cosplay of Eve in a Dr Fetus outfit from The Binding of Isaac. However, it was poorly put together, and I’m planning a remake in the future, complete with monocle and crochet bomb.
  7. I was featured in this Trainer Tips video (guess where I am)!
  8. I’ve been trying to write a novel for the past seven years. What started off as a Warrior Academy became a fleshed-out idea along with a tabletop roleplay known as Scarlet Sun. I started disliking the story of the latter.
  9. There will be four books in the new Warrior Academy series. It’s partly influenced by the visual novel The Arcana.
  10. My favourite dog breed is the corgi (which is why I’m excited about Yamper).
  11. I once walked 10 miles for ice cream. It was the best ice cream I’d ever had.
  12. When I can’t leave the house for any reason, I end up with insane cabin fever.
  13. I’m a massive fan of Yankee Candles – my favourites are Pink Sands and All Is Bright.
  14. I love keeping diaries and organising my time. When in the middle of moving, I was lost without my diary.
  15. My first ever video game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  16. I could never make my mind up with what I wanted to be. A vet, film producer, CEO, writer, artist, you name it!
  17. I love drawing, but I can never seem to get it just right.
  18. I play Dungeons and Dragons on a semi-frequent basis. Currently, I hold the group record for the most character deaths across two campaigns.
  19. I haven’t watched anime properly in a while, but my favourite is still Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  20. My favourite alcohol is rum, although I rarely drink. Mead comes a close second.
  21. I was bullied horrendously at school. It never got better until after I left sixth-form.
  22. My favourite song of all time is Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.
  23. I’m not allowed to talk about my favourite film. Can you guess which one it is?
  24. I don’t really have a favourite actor, although I at one point wrote a risky essay about Adam Sandler’s portrayal of dysfunctional families in his films, despite being told it was a risk writing an essay about a particular actor. I got away with it because I added a focal point.
  25. My first time abroad was when I was 17 on a Film Studies trip to Berlin. I actually turned 18 during the stay.
  26. I have had social anxiety for a while. While it’s gotten better, if I hang out with people that I normally wouldn’t, I get very exhausted quickly.
  27. I also feel harassed when people ask me lots of questions, even if they’re being friendly and curious.
  28. I’m addicted to buying notebooks. I’ve gotten into a habit of finishing off notebooks now, which has been so helpful in preventing me from buying more.
  29. My favourite place in the world is Jardim da Estrela, a park in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s followed closely by Santuario Nacional de Cristo Rei, an attraction in Almada, Portugal.
  30. I have damaged ligaments in both of my feet, so right now whenever I sprain them I’m usually on crutches.
  31. While I can say I’m Level 40×2 on Pokemon Go, I can’t be bothered to go down the Level 40 Club route – I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the elitism that goes on within the game, and I like to play at my own pace.
  32. I had Dronpes from The Silph Road personally apologise to me over the way I was treated when I uploaded a challenge video (that everyone else was doing), and I was blasted for it.

So there was a good few facts. Like I said, nobody asked for it, but I’ll give it anyway!

4 comments on “Some Facts About Me”

  1. Weirdly, I just did a post like this for my Patreon account’s 1 year anniversary. I answered 100 icebreaker questions as a podcast. It took forever to do lol.

    If you ever need someone to edit your books, I know some people. Granted, I’m one of those people, so I have a bias. But I know some people.

    Also…I need to know more about this ice cream that you walked 10 miles for.


    1. I’m in the very long process of writing at the moment, mostly in character mapping stages. So when I need an editor, I’ll let you know.

      About this ice cream parlour, it’s a little place in a town called Blyton, called Blyton Ice Cream. It’s since opened a couple more branches (one in Scunthorpe), but back in the day me and Connor decided to walk down to see how far we could get. There are so many options for ice cream, and it’s one of the best.

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