Top Superstitions in Pokemon Go

We’ve all believed in crazy things while playing Pokemon Go. Perhaps we need some lucky vibes, or we’re just practised into believing what others say is a sure-fire way to succeed. So here are the Pokemon Go superstitions that I’m aware of, and some of I am guilty for having believed.


We all started alternating between a Nanab Berry and Golden Razz Berry in Legendary Raids. Seriously, we all did it. Yes, including you in the back, Karen! The theory was that the effects of the Nanab Berry kind of carried over to the next ball, so you could have sort of the same effects along with the effects of the Golden Razz Berry. We were convinced that it worked, and then it just dropped off the face of the earth, and we all forgot about it.

It spawns as soon as you traded/caught your first

This happens a lot, and I feel that it will happen with the inevitable Gible trade. But I tell you a time when Bonsly was the Pokemon that I needed to hatch, and I couldn’t hatch one. I went to my friend Julie, who had a spare, and so we traded so I could have one. Literally the very next day, I hatched my own Bonsly.

A lot of people call it confirmation bias, which isn’t the case. Confirmation bias is where you interpret findings to fit your hypothesis. But the spawns coinciding with when you obtain your first is purely coincidental at best.

Letting Connor shiny check my Aron

When Aron was first released, I was shiny checking while Connor was at the bank. One of the Aron that was there was shiny for him.

Nearly two years and over 1,300 shiny checks later, and I’m still shiny-less. Recently I’ve figured that if Connor checks my Aron checks, one of them has to be shiny, surely?

Buying new style items guarantees a shiny

This latest superstition was made popular by Trainer Tips’ video about a way to guarantee a shiny during events. He specified that his friend Ken told him that buying a new style item during an event would guarantee the shiny. To test this, I bought a happi coat and set to shiny hunting. Now it took a while because I had to sort out some personal stuff in the meantime. On a walk, I ended up catching my fifth shiny Shellder.

A team of shinies during raids

Now, this is more for fun than superstition, but people often put in a team of shinies against a raid boss for extra shiny luck. I’ve seen no evidence of this happening, but at the same time, people do do it for fun.

Separate lobbies will guarantee shinies

It was supposed that a lot of shinies come from splitting into multiple lobbies so that at least one from each lobby gets a shiny. Even when this was disproved, people still believed it.

Buses get me the shinies

Not only am I known for my nicknames in Pokemon Go, I’m also known for my bus shinies. When I was working during Go Fest Yokohama week, all but one of the days in that week I got a shiny. I always like going on bus trips anyway, but it’s fun to see if I get a shiny while on one.


3 thoughts on “Top Superstitions in Pokemon Go

  1. Tim

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any superstitions with Pokemon Go, let alone this entire list. I wonder if there is some creedence to the buy things, get shinies logic though…


    1. poketravellerlola

      Buying the items to get the shinies has been a popular superstition of late, and it’s kinda worked. A couple of the superstitions are personal to me, but the others are ones that have been popular previously


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