Thank You, Next – Trapinch Community Day Round-Up

I think the title says it all, and in the grand tradition of PokeTraveller Lola, I have to write about it, which pains me so.

As we know, Trapinch spawns were increased, with a shiny release. We were also treated to the usual 3-hour Lure activation and Research tasks with the objective to catch 3 Trapinch – one of these rewarded a Trapinch upon completion. 2km eggs could feature Trapinch, and 3x XP was rewarded too.

I guess I have to start when I left the flat after a busy morning (just been moving in), and I’ll say it’s a short walk to Central Park, so that’s where I started. My friend went to Cleethorpes and got a wild Gible (twat), but I was aiming to plug some inspiration into this day, as Trapinch is not favoured in any way in the community (despite the encouragement from Trainer Tips).

The shiny luck started about five minutes before the start when I encountered a shiny Sentret. I hate to say that it’s my third, and I was gutted. I was mainly gutted because it’s another duplicate shiny, but I pressed on and waited at the Nutshell (which was closed, so I couldn’t get a drink – stay hydrated, kids).

I put a lure down, but I was kinda disappointed initially with the quality of the spawns – at first, most of the spawns turned to Trapinch, while the likes of Chimchar remained. I walked around alone for a while before I ran into some friends who were interested in the Giratina raid nearby (and Kerry got the shiny).

It took a little while longer for me to get my first shiny – it was a similar scenario to Ralts CD, where I waited about 45 minutes for my first shiny. My second shiny, on the other hand, ended up 89%, my best overall catch of the day. Along with that evolution, I also evolved the 98% that I had saved for this day, so both could learn Earth Power.

I ended up on a ride-along, scouting out the different clusters – noting that this is the first Community Day since the spawn points changed (mostly for the worst). A lot of the spawns consisted of Patrat, Lillipup or Rattata, with the occasional Trapinch. I managed four more shinies in the car, and by the time I got close to my mum’s house, it was some time after 1.15pm, and I was done for the day.

Overall I was very underwhelmed. I stopped grinding for XP and Stardust, and just caught what I could in the end.

On Twitter, people are complaining about the lack of Trapinch spawns, and some compared it to the failed European Slakoth Community Day, and they wouldn’t be far from the truth. I went back to my mum’s house early, purely because I was getting bored and I had to wait for a removal van.

I just hope Chimchar Community Day next month is an improvement, otherwise, the instability of these events will signal the end of them.

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Next – Trapinch Community Day Round-Up

  1. Tim

    The first hour felt a lot like Pikachu community day to me, in that most of the spawns weren’t the featured Pokémon and everything that was spawning was common things I didn’t want. At least by the end I had gone from 22 Trapinch caught ever to over 100.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I didn’t really take part in Pikachu Community Day, but it definitely felt like a slightly boosted version of Slakoth Community Day instead. I’m happy I came away with six shinies. I don’t go for a living dex, but I have some to trade to my friends that didn’t get one at least.


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