We Rearranged the Pokemon Go Egg Pool

The other day, I was talking to a few friends, who mentioned that the egg pool needed reducing. And I can see why – after 5 generations of Pokemon, the egg pool has expanded to the point where we have no idea what’s hatching from them. Thank heavens for The Silph Road for pointing us in the right direction! I also grabbed the feature image from the Easter event because it sums up the state of the eggs, and Buneary is adorable.

We came up with a system for how we were to reduce the egg pool, and we had a good idea of what we could remove. I also want to talk about an event that I would like to see, which would negate the need for the regionals within 5km eggs.

There are two prerequisites for the removal – Community Day and common spawn. The first one is self-explanatory – a Pokemon that has already been featured in a Community Day will not be able to hatch from eggs. These are as follows:

Dratini Bulbasaur Mareep
Charmander Larvitar Squirtle
Eevee Chikorita Beldum
Cyndaquil Totodile Swinub
Treecko Bagon Torchic
Slakoth Mudkip Ralts
Turtwig Trapinch

Community Day

Community Day Pokemon are usually the more frequent culprits for taking up egg space (Kanto starters, Dratini, etc.). In my quest to find a Gible from a 10km egg, three of the biggest culprits were Dratini, Beldum and Larvitar.

Common Spawns

Common spawns differ from biome to biome, so it’s hard to decide on the exact Pokemon that need to be removed from the egg pool. I can gather that the newest common spawns to go in the eggs are Lillipup, Patrat and Purrloin. Now, these are common for me, so ideally I would remove them. However, someone else in a different biome would prefer to remove something else, such as Wailmer or even Nosepass.


I took the current egg pools and just removed Pokemon from them depending on their circumstances and if they fit the bill. The lists are as follows:


The removal of several Community Day-featured Pokemon left the 2km egg pool pretty empty, I would say. I did leave common spawns such as Meditite and Swablu alone, considering I removed Lillipup and Patrat, as they appear to be more common. I kept Chimchar and Piplup in here because this was written up before Chimchar Community Day.

Abra Machop Gastly Krabby
Magikarp Misdreavus Makuhita Aron
Meditite Wailmer Spoink Swablu
Luvdisc Chimchar Piplup Kricketot


The 5km egg pool was the most diluted, with a mammoth amount of Pokemon being available. It has always been the larger of the egg pools, but with the addition of regionals, it has gotten out of control. This included the respective regionals, so because we don’t know when they will be removed from the egg pool, I left a separate list of them, because not everyone will access all of them – for example, as a European, I access Volbeat, Zangoose, Shellos (West Sea), Mime Jr, Pansear and Durant, so I get an additional six Pokemon to add to the 5km egg pool for now.

Sandshrew Psyduck Growlithe Ponyta
Magnemite Onix Cubone Lickitung
Rhyhorn Tangela Horsea Scyther
Omanyte Kabuto Yanma Pineco
Gligar Sneasel Skarmory Houndour
Lotad Nosepass Carvanha Cacnea
Lileep Anorith Shuppet Duskull
Clamperl Combee Buizel Cherubi
Drifloon Glameow Stunky Bronzor
Hippopotas Finneon Snivy Tepig
Oshawott Blitzle Drilbur Foongus

5km – Regionals:

Farfetch’d Kangaskhan Tauros Heracross
Corsola Volbeat Illumise Torkoal
Zangoose Seviper Lunatone Solrock
Tropius Relicanth Pachirisu Shellos (East Sea)
Shellos (West Sea) Mime Jr. Chatot Carnivine
Pansage Pansear Panpour Heatmor


The 7km egg pool can stay as is, with the main change being distribution. At this current time, players under 13 years of age are not able to access the Friends feature, therefore not being able to acquire 7km eggs. This meant that the baby Pokemon found their way into other egg pools. If 7km were acquired through other means (such as team leader battles, Rocket battles or just spinning a Pokestop), the need to have a Pokemon in two egg pools will be negated, freeing up space for other hatches.

I was hesitant to put the Alolans in, but I feel that all of the Alolan forms should be released into the wild, and maybe we can whittle down the egg pool some more.

Pichu Cleffa Igglybuff Togepi
Tyrogue Smoochum Elekid Magby
Azurill Wynaut Budew Chingling
Bonsly Happiny Munchlax Riolu
Mantyke Sandshrew (A) Vulpix (A) Diglett (A)
Meowth (A) Geodude (A) Grimer (A)


A big change came to the 10km egg pool. With the removal of Happiny and Munchlax, as well as the Community Day Pokemon, perhaps I would be able to hatch something more useful? I say this, I have never actually hatched a Nincada either. It frees up the chances for Gible or Deino to be hatched instead of yet another Dratini.

Lapras Porygon Aerodactyl Nincada
Sableye Mawile Feebas Absol
Shinx Cranidos Shieldon Gible
Ferroseed Klink Litwick Golett

Alternative Event:

This is another alternative event I would like to see happening in the future, and this is what the World Tourism Day event should have been. In gifted 7km eggs, should have been eggs with the potential to hatch the regional from that given egg. For example, if I (a European) were to gift an egg to someone in Brazil, they would possibly hatch a Mime Jr. It would incentivise buying incubators and adding more friends from around the world, rather than focusing on the country that can get you the 10,000km trade (that really hurt).

So I’d like to hear what you guys feel about it, and what sort of common spawns you would like to see be taken out of the egg pool.

8 thoughts on “We Rearranged the Pokemon Go Egg Pool

  1. Tim

    Ideally, I think that new common spawns (Patrat and the like currently) should only appear in eggs until the next wave of a generation’s Pokemon are released. That way it still gives people a chance to find them if they don’t live in a given biome.

    In terms of the 7km eggs, I like the idea of having them be Team Rocket or Adventure Sync rewards in addition to friend gifts, that way it expands the chance for younger players to get them. With that said, I would also love to see the chance for regional exclusive Pokemon to hatch from eggs that came from those areas, which would encourage you to make friends outside of your local area. That would, again, limit younger players, but I’d be okay with adding them to the pool there too.

    As for 10kms, if I never saw a Feebas or Porygon out of those eggs again, I’d be so happy.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I’m okay with seeing Feebas in 10km eggs, only because of the Jirachu quest-line, and the fact that I still don’t have the shiny.
      It’d be nice for the younger players to be able to get 7km eggs from non-friendship means as opposed to merging that egg pool with other pools, further diluting them.
      I’m still not keen on the idea of Patrat being in eggs, as you can still fight them in raid battles.


      1. Tim

        I’ve yet to see a Patrat raid. Then again, I’ve only seen two Klink, so my seen pool is weirdly skewed to EVERYTHING IS GIRATINA PLEASE STOP THIS.


      2. poketravellerlola

        Whenever I want to raid, there’s nothing but Giratina with zero interest. When I want a Shinx/Klink raid, it’s Patrat instead. When I’m busy, Shinx raids pop up. Getting tired of this RNG to be honest.


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