Top 10 Pokemon I Keep Forgetting

So now with the upcoming Sword and Shield games, there will likely be over 1000 Pokemon, including different forms and Mega Evolutions within the next couple of generations of games. So it’s quite hard to remember them all. We’ve all been there, and I know a lot of us have forgotten a good amount of them. So here are my top 10 Pokemon that I keep forgetting about. I will place the same evolution lines in the same positioning because I feel that counts.

For this, I’ll have to look through the Pokedex to see what I forget about. It’s not that I dislike these Pokemon, it’s just that they’re simply forgettable to me.


10) Tangela

I feel bad for Tangela because it’s a cool-looking Pokemon, and so is Tangrowth. But holy crap, whenever I try and name all 151 Kanto Pokemon, I miss this one out every single time. I’ve begun to remember it more now, but every time I see a Tangela on Pokemon Go, I am reminded of its existence.


9) Bellossom

We all know the Oddish line, right? Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume. Hold on…oh no, we forgot Bellossom. Bellossom isn’t by any means an ugly Pokemon, it’s just highly forgettable when you have a Vileplume as its branched evolution.


8) Heatran

The only Legendary Pokemon on this list, and for me, Heatran doesn’t inspire anything for me to remember it. I do find it underwhelming, despite its stats and resistances. I wish there was something more to Heatran for me to remember it better.


7) Bunnelby

This came about when I was trying to remember the token rodent Pokemon from the Kalos region. Yes, of course, it was Bunnelby. However, I didn’t remember it existed until I Googled it the very next day. Diggersby can be counted here, too.


6) Stantler

Stantler is another standalone Pokemon that I keep forgetting. It doesn’t have a memorable appearance, and its status as a deer Pokemon is overshadowed by the gimmick of Deerling and Sawsbuck, which take different forms depending on the in-game season.


5) Alomomola

Amolaloma? Amola? Alola? The only reason I type the name right is that I remember it to be a palindrome and not an evolution of Luvdisc. It is one of two Pokemon that I forgot about when discussing Unova regionals, so it has to go here.


4) Stunfisk

Stunfisk is the second of the two Pokemon that I forgot about when making my Unova regionals post. I think it goes without saying, honestly.


3) Forretress

I always forget about my 100% Forretress in Pokemon Go, and I always forget that Pineco has a shiny in that game. The only reason I remember it now is because of that post where I went through all of my 100% IV Pokemon and their nicknames.


2) Maractus

I don’t dislike Maractus, but because of Cacnea and Cacturne, I usually forget about Maractus. The talk about Maractus being in Sword/Shield reminded me that Maractus existed. And it’s a cool-looking Pokemon, and if it wasn’t forgettable to me, I’d like it more.


1) Qwilfish

Qwilfish is a standalone Pokemon that doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. Plus there are other, more memorable Water/Poison-type Pokemon, such as Tentacruel or Toxapex.

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