Gaming Spotlight – Borderlands

Nobody asked, but I keep delivering. After all, there ain’t no rest for the wicked.

With that, I’m bringing the first Borderlands game in this week’s Gaming Spotlight. And would you look at that? Fortnite got a Borderlands crossover this year, too…

Borderlands was released in 2009 and has since received an enhanced edition, just released this year. Sadly, this game was not featured in the Handsome Collection.

The game centres around four Vault Hunters who come to the planet Pandora in search for an alien vault which is said to contain advanced alien technology.

On the bus, you get to choose from four characters:

Mordecai – Mordecai is the ‘Hunter’ class, and is a specialist in sniper rifles. His Action Skill features Bloodwing, his companion. These skills can be buffed through skill trees and Class Mods.

Lilith – Lilith is the ‘Siren’ class, whose Action Skill involves Phasewalking from one dimension back to the other in a short period of time – this can be buffed through putting skills into her respective skill trees. Lilith’s weapon speciality is an SMG, which can also be buffed via Class Mods. Just a note that there are only six Sirens in existence.

Roland – Roland is the ‘Soldier’ class, and his Action Skill utilises a Scorpio turret, which is a staple for Crimson Lance members, of which he is a former member. Roland’s speciality weapons include assault rifles and shotguns, although he can use anything.

Brick – Brick is the ‘Berserker’ class, so essentially, he punches things. His Action Skill is a true berserker mode, using his fists to defeat enemies.

I won’t get too much into the story, but to help guide you along is a steward-bot named Claptrap, as well as a Guardian Angel seemingly watching your every move.

All-in-all, admittedly the Pandoran world we explore in the original Borderlands sets the setting – it’s supposedly a wasteland, but Borderlands 2 is more colourful – but I’ll get into that another time.

I’ll get into the different kinds of guns, and holy crap the whole beauty of the Borderlands series is the variety of guns, but in the first game they are pretty basic. This does improve throughout the course of the franchise, though, but there is a certain charm to the clunky guns. One of my favourite guns had to be a Double Anarchy, an SMG with mad damage but low accuracy. However, in one of my Lilith playthroughs, I focused mostly on SMG proficiency so that I could increase the accuracy. One point of note was when I came up against two bandits, walking side-by-side. I aimed at one, shot at him, but then got a critical hit on his partner. I was flabbergasted at how a gun could be so accurate yet so inaccurate at the same time.

For its debut, Borderlands is a simple but delightful game. The beauty of the Borderlands franchise as a whole is the diverse cast of characters, from the player characters right down to some of the background characters. The games are inclusive of non-conformative characters, being very inclusive of the LGBT+ community without even batting an eye. In the world of Borderlands, anything goes!

Honestly, Borderlands is one of my favourite franchises, and I’m excited for Borderlands 3 when it drops on Steam. But for now, I’ve had to tear myself away from anything including spoilers.

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