Turtwinning – Turtwig Community Day

Finally, we find ourselves having a Community Day at a reasonable hour (11am until 2pm). This meant that we could explore outside Scunthorpe on our first Community Day since March. So for the first time since March, me and Connor found ourselves venturing towards Hull for Community Day, and I was excited, mainly for personal reasons.

I had two aims for the day: the first was to get a decent amount of shinies, and the second was to grind to 2 million Stardust. It meant I was going crazy with Star Pieces.

We were on a time crunch, and we managed to make it to a Shinx raid by the time 11am started – and I was busy hatching some eggs, none shiny though. However, I did find out later that one of those eggs had a long-awaited 100% IV Alolan Vulpix. With the Shinx raid done, we started at the Amy Johnson Gym to carry on down towards Princes Quay and the Posterngate area, where the spawns and stops are usually plentiful and worth a shout.

We barely got a quarter of the way through when I clicked on the first shiny Turtwig of the day, and it was pretty decent IVs too, a 3* rating. And just a minute later, Connor caught his first shiny – the exact same as mine. So let’s just say those were the ones that we evolved all the way to Torterra.

We noticed that people put Mossy Lures on occasional stops, meaning a good amount of Butterfree and Beedrill, pulling in a lot of Stardust in the process. Connor quickly steamrolled ahead on shiny count, while I was slowly collecting a small amount. But somehow, out of nowhere in the second half, I started collecting more and more.

I was sitting pretty on an even ten shinies (he was on eight) when we decided to leave it at that and go to Nando’s (we were hungry, and we only had 10 minutes left). The thing about Nando’s that we learned during the Treecko CD was that the building enabled some mad drift, so I ended up back in Posterngate. I was frantically checking Turtwigs and found another shiny at 1.59pm. I was frantically catching it, making sure it didn’t fall into the time-out to turn it to a regular, non-shiny. I was successful, and it remains shiny. I’d also hit my 2 million Stardust target (which I slipped back under in order to trade a shiny Swablu to Connor later).

One thing we noted was that there was a surge of Mr. Mime spawns too, as they had disappeared during the current random spawns.

The story doesn’t end there.

We’d spent another hour or so looking around some shops and relax from the hype of Community Day. That is until we were on our way back to St. Stephen’s shopping centre. On a frantic shiny checking spree, I came across a shiny Omanyte. And if you thought that was the end of it, you’d be mistaken.

Due to an available gift drought earlier, I’d had some 5km eggs in my inventory that I’d been walking. While in St. Stephen’s trying to avoid massive crowds, three of the eggs started hatching. Out of the last one pops…a shiny Magnemite. Well, I was pretty stunned, I’d been after a shiny Magnemite for a while, so it’s occasionally a good thing to have other eggs hatching!

And finally, on the crossing between St. Stephen’s and the Interchange, I found a shiny Clamperl. I actually thought I was seeing things because I normally don’t get that lucky with my shiny hunts.

I may have exhausted my shiny luck for the month ahead. I had four shinies this week (Tauros, two Sentret and Minun), and I was seeing my friends get a lot of shinies this week.

Overall, I very much enjoyed today, especially that I was able to play a full session with Connor (he recently upgraded his phone). I had a lot of personal problems that resulted in a hiatus over the past few weeks, but I’ve been happy to have an event like this to cool off and have a friendly competition.

Next month could be a Lincoln trip with some friends (Connor is working so can’t make it).

2 thoughts on “Turtwinning – Turtwig Community Day

  1. Tim

    I only got to play for about 40 minutes due to pre-existing obligations. That said, I managed to get a reverse perfect Turtwig. It’s my first 0/0/0 Pokemon.


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