Top 10 Wanted Ideas for Community Day

There are a lot of Pokemon I want to have a Community Day – and Shinx, the one Pokemon I desperately was looking forward to getting one, will never get one now because its shiny is already released.

For this list I’m looking for Pokemon that either have a 3-step evolutionary line or Pokemon whose shinies I really like, or there would be a fun gimmick. 

I’m also writing this and scheduling this shortly after the Ralts Community Day, so if any of these Pokemon are announced for October’s Community Day, then that’ll be why they’re on the list.



It’s obviously here because Shroomish and Breloom’s shiny is orange, and I love that. Have Breloom learn Force Palm as its Charge Move, or re-release its earlier exclusive legacy move Grass Knot. Out of the two moves, I do feel that Grass Knot may be the go-to choice for Niantic to release shiny Shroomish with.



This is an obvious one, let’s get that out of the way now. A lot of people talk about a Trapinch Community Day, as Flygon is a fan favourite, but sadly doesn’t compete with the likes of Dragonite and Salamence for the coveted best Dragon-type Pokemon. Implementing Dragon Rush as Flygon’s Charge attack would benefit it somewhat, but it probably still won’t be that useful. It’s a shame, the entire evolution line’s shinies are beautiful.



Yes, I know Riolu only comes from eggs. But get this…what if one day, they just burst from their eggs and started wandering around? Remember that in the main games, baby Pokemon are available in the wild – Riolu is a special case in Gen 4 because it is gifted to you. I did toy with an idea of Riolu being in 2km eggs, with an added bonus of the egg distance being ¼ of its usual, but it will result in an endless amount of walking aimlessly, while releasing them into the wild temporarily will prevent that. I would still like the ¼ egg distance to take effect though, during this Community Day. When it evolves into Lucario, give it Aura Sphere, as in the main games, it gains the move upon evolution. 



Abra is another obvious choice for a Community Day pick, but it’s because Alakazam, while not meta-relevant, is a top pick for people in terms of Gen 1 Pokemon. It’ll be nice to see Alakazam more in Gyms once a shiny form is released. Well, they did accidentally release shiny Abra during Chicago Go Fest…



Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wild Nincada (I don’t think it’s even available in the wild). This is going to be an alternative Community Day based on the way the evolution family is set up. Thus far, we have only seen Nincada in eggs and research, and its evolution Ninjask in raids. Its alternate evolution, Shedinja, was left as a Research Breakthrough encounter, with a very hard catch rate for a Pokemon that cannot utilise its normal ability Wonder Guard. With this in mind, I feel that the best route for this is to have the event similar to the Squirtle Community Day – allow Nincada to spawn in the wild, and completing the appropriate Research tasks gives out the Shedinja, with both having the shiny chance.



We were robbed of shiny Oddish during the Equinox event (Oddish was the featured Pokemon yet never got the shiny), so a Community Day would make up for that. With Oddish having two evolutions, it would be nice if we had guaranteed Sun Stones from our first Pokestop of the day, as well as PvP or training. This would allow people who don’t yet have Sun Stones (or used them all or saving them for future generations) to evolve their Glooms into Belossoms. In terms of exclusive moves, we’ll give them both Magical Leaf and be done with it.



The counterpart to Oddish, we have Bellsprout. The same principle applies, as Bellsprout would have made a great addition to the shiny family during the Equinox event. Unlike Gloom, Weepinbell does not evolve into two different evolutions. This means that we would not need the Sun Stone guaranteed from the aforementioned means, but I still really like shiny Victreebel, so I would be happy to have this Community Day.



No doubt Gible will be a Community Day staple, as Garchomp is the pseudo-legendary of Gen 4 – and with tradition, each pseudo-legendary gets its own Community Day. While I really don’t like Garchomp’s shiny, Gible’s shiny makes it easy to spot, with its yellow belly. I doubt this will be a Community Day Pokemon for a while (I think February 2020 at the earliest), considering we have only just had Gible released into the wild a few months back. However, Garchomp is my favourite pseudo-legendary besides Hydreigon. 



Seedot is a parellel to Lotad (I still prefer Lotad), but I think with the list of possible Community Day Pokemon getting shorter, it’s only a matter of time before we get to Seedot. 



For me, it would be great to see Porygon featured soon. The only thing that people would need to be careful with is the use of evolution items (the Up Grade and Sinnoh Stone both need to be used to obtain Porygon-Z). However, I like the shiny variants, so I feel that Porygon should at least get a shout-out for a future Community Day.

Overall, I feel that there will be a Gen 5 release within the next couple of months, in which case I’ll include my picks here, not including the starters (Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott are all but guaranteed to have a Community Day). I may go over these in a later post. I know there are some evolution lines missing that I wanted to include, but I felt that there might be a separate event to release the shinies for. Anyway, here’s the list of Gen 5 Pokemon that may make the Community Day cut (I originally included Lillipup, but its shiny is being released immediately upon the Unova release):

  • Roggenrola
  • Tympole
  • Sewaddle
  • Venipede
  • Sandile
  • Solosis
  • Tynamo
  • Litwick
  • Axew
  • Deino







4 thoughts on “Top 10 Wanted Ideas for Community Day

    1. poketravellerlola

      Honestly I have doubts it will happen, but at the same time I want it to happen. I strongly feel that either Porygon or Trapinch is going to be the next in line for Community Day, especially as I hatched a 98% Trapinch during lunch.

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