My Nicknames for Perfect IV Pokemon

After going through some of my favourite Pokemon Go nicknames the other day, I realised that I didn’t touch upon any of my perfect IV Pokemon and their nicknames. Today, that changes.

I want to start from the beginning, and carry on until we get to the most recent one. Currently, I have 49 Pokemon with 100% IVs.

Muk – ‘MotherMugs’ – Grimer was my first 100% IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go, hatching from an egg in March 2017. The nickname method becomes clearer once we go down the list, but it’s a similar naming structure to the Gurdy family in The Binding of Isaac, now there’s a hint!

Forretress – ‘Muriel’ – this Forretress is a female, but I don’t care. I named her Muriel after a character from The Arcana – of course. Forretress is a Pokemon featured in my upcoming post about Pokemon that I forget about, so it’s fitting. It’s the last one I think of when I remember my 100% Pokemon.

Electivire – ‘Thor’ – How could I not? This beauty of a Pokemon was caught in an Electabuzz raid back in the day, shortly after raids were released. So I had to name him after the Thunder God himself.

Typhlosion – ‘Quilly’ – Recently I wanted to name him ‘Spike’, but the strange Niantic nicknaming policy didn’t allow it. Quilly it is.

Muk – ‘Mugs’ – Here we have the second 100% IV Muk, and obviously his name is Mugs.

Pidgeot – ‘PerfectPig’ – I wanted to name him PerfectPidge, but with my asterisk nicknaming method, it won’t fit.

Mr. Mime – ‘Master Mime – It’s a play on the word ‘mastermind’, and how similar it sounds to its species name. Mr. Mime is still my least favourite Pokemon, but at least I have a 100% regional, I suppose.

Swellow – ‘Swell Guy’ – This was caught two days after the release of Taillow, so it was a surprise to say the least. If I remember right, my friend Steve made the pun so I thought it’d be a fitting nickname.

Plusle – ‘Nope’ – Plusle is hated within our elite chat, often used as a joke about what shinies we could get. Therefore, it had to be named Nope.

Wigglytuff – ‘Lullaby’ – The Jigglypuff line is known for its singing to put people to sleep – it was even featured in Detective Pikachu. Which is why I named the Wigglytuff ‘Lullaby’.

Togekiss – ‘Planebirb’ – it reminds me of a plane. That’s all I got.

Cloyster – ‘Cloyteris’ – I had to get extra-creative with this one, as a lot of nicknames were apparently inappropriate. It’s a play on its species name and exactly what it looks like.

Blastoise – ‘Cannons’ – This thing has cannons, as well as Hydro Cannon.

Alolan Sandslash – ‘Stevesicle’ – When Friends and Gifts became available, I ended up with an egg that hatched an Alolan Sandshrew that turned out 100%. Looking at the location tag, it came from Scotland, where my aforementioned friend Steve lives. So I named it after him.

Mightyena – ‘MightyBoosh‘ – I didn’t personally watch this show (starring Noel Fielding, this is important for later), but it’s the one thing I thought of when nicknaming my Mightyena.

Alolan Dugtrio – ‘DigDug’ – Named after that one great game Dig Dug. Ahh the memories…

Dusknoir – ‘NotFound’ – My first 100% in Portugal was a Duskull with 404CP. So I named her the appropriate nickname for anyone who is just a little bit computer-savvy.

Blastoise – ‘Aniversário’  – I caught this through Research during mine and Connor’s anniversary. I was still in Portugal, so I didn’t get to see him, but I nicknamed him something very sentimental to represent it.

Claydol – ‘Cão’ – This nickname was given due to its lore and then translated into Portuguese.

Vileplume – ‘Ourique’ – I caught this not too long after moving to the Campo de Ourique area, and I remember discovering its 100% IVs on the way to work.

Alolan Dugtrio – ‘TríoCavado’ – This Alolan Dugtrio was given from a Gift from Spain, so I had to make a catchy play on the Spanish translation.

Porygon-Z – ‘Duck-You’ – After hatching non-stop Porygon from 10km eggs, this was my reward.

Camerupt – ‘Belated’ – In Portugal, Numel was the new Pidgey, basically. It was so common, and I wanted to catch a perfect one. When I came back from Scunthorpe, I hatched a 100% IV Numel.

Lanturn – ‘Chompers’ – I mean, have you seen the things that Lanturn is based on?

Bidoof – ‘God’ – No need to explain this.

Bidoof – ‘ShiaLaDoof’ – This requires more explanation. In the hotel room, I had the Shia LaBeouf song in my head, and then I caught this through Research. Basically the name is a play on both species name and the actor’s name.

Machamp – ‘Macho Man’ – Have you seen its arms? Have you heard that awesome Village People song of the same name?

Roserade – ‘Rozureido’ – This Budew came from a Gift from Japan, so when I evolved it, I had to give it the name based on the Japanese pronunciation.

Spinda – ‘Spinning Top‘ – While it doesn’t look like a spinning top, it looks like it’s been sat on one for 3,000 years.

Venusaur – ‘Mars’ – my Venusaur is a boy, otherwise I’d have named it Venus. Instead, Men Are From Mars…

Latios – ‘Eons’ – Because it took eons to find a 100% Legendary. Plus it’s one of the Eon Duo, so it works. Still my only 100% Legendary to this day.

Armaldo – ‘Amarillo’ – Is this the way to…?

Azumarill – ‘Bella’ – This one is based on Ace Trainer Liam’s Pokemon Y Quadlocke, where he caught an Azumarill and named her Bella Belle, after the song.

Persian – ‘Storm’ – Storm was my first 100% Lucky Pokemon, given to me by Connor. So I named him after his beloved cat that passed away last year.

Ambipom – ‘HappySlap’ – I am amazed at how I was able to get away with calling an Ambipom, or any Pokemon, this name.

Mightyena – ‘Noel’ – Remember I told you to remember Mighty Boosh and Noel Fielding? This was why.

Luxray – ‘Kondo’ – This particular Pokemon was named after Marie Kondo. Because it’s a 100% Luxray, it sparks joy. I am aware of the pun, that’s why I named him Kondo.

Hariyama – ‘Toasty’ – I mean, those gloves must be toasty by now.

Mismagius – ‘Debster’ – I mean, I caught this after a lovely day out with my mum. She jokes how she’s a witch every day except Halloween, where it’s her day off.

Cradily‘Lilith’ – I literally had no idea for this one.

Medicham – ‘Magician’ – Medicham kinda looks like one of those weird magicians.

Floatzel – ‘Baywatch’ – Floatzel literally has a life vest. If that doesn’t make a solid lifeguard, I don’t know what does.

Muk – ‘Mugs Jr’ – Yep, another 100% IV Muk.

Nidoking – ‘NoFest’ – This was based on European experiences outside Dortmund Go Fest, where Slakoth spawned as part of the Community Day make-up. However, it overshadowed the Nidoran spawns.

Arbok – ‘Slithers’ – For some reasoning I forgot to add this explanation before submitting (I need to proof more). However, yes, it slithers along the floor. That is all.

Persian – ‘Misty’ – Another Persian, because Connor put me in the lobby of a Meowth raid while I went to get a drink. It came out perfect, so I named it after another of Connor’s cats that sadly passed away this year.

Ralts – ‘Rats’ – The day after the Community Day, I hatched this. Too late for Synchronoise.

Altaria – ‘CottonCandy’ – This bird looks like a great bit of cotton candy, I think.

Linoone – ‘Linooooo’ – Of all the Route 1 rodents to get, and it had to be this. Where’s my Rattata?









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      1. poketravellerlola

        Oh ouch. At least you have a perfect one though! Just hatched a 98% Elekid today and I nearly cried because I wanted a second perfect

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