The Future of Regional Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Is one of your favourite Pokemon a regional exclusive? It’s likely.

With the Unova Pokemon due to trickle in to Pokemon Go in a couple of weeks, I thought I’d give my own speculation on Regional Pokemon.

As you will most likely be aware, Mime Jr hasn’t been released in Pokemon Go yet, and that’s down to the issues that Niantic have caused back when the game was released. Mr. Mime, its evolved form, is available as a regional exclusive to Europe. As you well know, regionals cannot hatch from eggs (except for special events). They used to be, but they were long removed from the egg pool. And as you are aware, Mime Jr is classified as a baby Pokemon, and baby Pokemon can only be hatched from eggs. 

I’m listing the Pokemon from Gen 5 to 7 that in my opinion are most likely to be regional exclusive, why and how I feel about that. I’m also including counterpart Pokemon, as we saw four different counterpart pairings in Gen 3 become regional (Seviper/Zangoose, Illumise/Volbeat, Lunatone/Solrock and formerly Plusle/Minun).

I’m speculating heavily here, as not all of these Pokemon will become regional, but it’s fun to speculate on what could happen in the future. I’m certain Niantic will choose around 4-5 of each region’s picks to become a regional exclusive, depending on its origins and inspirations.

Generation 5 – Unova

Unova has a good few Pokemon with no evolution line, but I added three evolution lines due to the likely distribution between the main three areas. I’d also like to look at a Pokemon in this region that has the potential to replace Mr. Mime. EDIT: I realise I forgot Alomomola and Stunfisk, but they may end up in my forgotten Pokemon list due to this oversight.




This is an exception. I could either see them being released as rare Pokemon globally or released as regionals divided between the three main geographical areas (Americas, EMEA and APAC). Their evolutions (Simisage, Simisear and Simipour) are underwhelming and heavily disliked within the community. So I feel like having each of them would serve as a Dex-filler for most, unless they serve a purpose via PvP.



Audino is literally a stand-in for Chansey (that will Mega-Evolve in the future), so I don’t think Audino will be a regional. However, Audino could be a solid candidate to replace Mr. Mime as Europe’s regional.




I can see Throh and Sawk become regionals in a way similar to Gen 3’s counterpart Pokemon. Throh and Sawk are the Gen 5 versions of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, but at that time counterpart regionals weren’t the said and done thing (also we got Tyrogue in Gen 2 that evolves into now three Hitmons). Hopefully it was a gimmick that was phased out during Gen 3’s release (not counting the Lake Guardians).


Basculin (forms)

Basculin itself may not be a regional, but its forms would be in the same way as Throh and Sawk as mentioned above. Basculin has two forms – Red-Stripe and Blue-Stripe. I can see them being distributed the same way as we currently have with the Gen 3 pairings. As for now, we do not have any indication of which side will get which stripe.



As Maractus is not part of an evolutionary line, I can see this being a regional. Just like most cacti, the prickly pear (which Maractus is based on) is only native to the Americas, which will allow that region to have yet another regional exclusive.



Sigilyph was a hard one to pinpoint for me, I’ll admit. It appears that it could be inspired by the Nazca Lines, like the ones found in Peru. Nazca Lines and Sigilyph can be found in a desert. So I could see Sigilyph becoming a regional for somewhere with a desert. Who knows at this point!



Plusle and Minun are former regionals, and Pachirisu is a regional. Following this trend, it will appear that every Pikachu clone will be a regional – or at least a candidate for being a regional. As Emolga is said to be based on the Japanese flying squirrel, it makes sense that Emolga would be a regional exclusive to Japan. However, our local chat has speculated Emolga becoming our regional in Europe, because of the aforementioned Mime Jr problem, in order to release Mr. Mime globally.



My first thought was that Cryogonal could be a regional for the Northern Hemisphere, due to it being based on a snowflake and ice crystals. Cryogonal’s ability to trap victims in ice comes from a reference to the Jotun, which are Nordic giants. It makes sense for this that Cryogonal could be a Scandinavian regional exclusive.



Bouffalant was the Unova version of Tauros, so I can see this being distributed throughout the USA or Africa. I say either of them because while Bouffalant is based on the American bison, the horns on Bouffalant resembled those of the African buffalo. 



Heatmor is based on an anteater. The Great Anteater is best known to be located in Venezuela. So it will make sense that Heatmor will be a regional exclusive the upper half of South America, serving part of Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.



Durant is possibly based on the Argentine ant, so I can see Durant being exclusive to Argentina. I feel that Durant would serve as the regional for the lower half of South America, serving Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and part of Brazil. The split between the region is due to Heatmor and Durant being rivals, just like Zangoose and Seviper. Now South America sounds like one hell of a road trip I’d like to go on if this is true.


Generation 6 – Kalos

Kalos has five non-evolving Pokemon, so this should be a lot easier to work on than Unova and Alola. One regional does have an evolution line, however.


Vivillon (forms)

Vivillon is the final evolution of Scatterbug, evolving from Spewpa. I have a feeling that due to Vivillon having many different forms depending on the location the main series games were in upon starting the game, this could be a very similar occurrence. I would prefer this route, then it would be a task to travel the world to collect all of the patterns. However, I could just as easily see a Field Research reward with a new pattern every month, just like with Spinda at the moment.



Furfrou is an interesting Pokemon, as it has ten different forms – however the nine derivative forms are based on styling options – in the main series games, Furfrou can have its hair trimmed in different ways. However, focusing on its base form, Furfrou is based on a poodle, and not only did poodles originate from France and Germany, the ‘frou’ in the name comes from the term ‘frou-frou’, a word that originated from 19th century France. This is the main reason why I feel that Furfrou will be a European regional, or at least western European.



Hawlucha is a dead cert to be a regional for Gen 6 – it’s based on a luchador, which is what lucha libre wrestlers are known as in Mexico. With this in mind, I feel that Hawlucha will be a regional for Mexico.



Dedenne has the exact same reasons as Emolga as to why it would be a candidate for a regional exclusive, and that’s for it being a Pikachu clone. However, due to its generic origin, it’s a hard guess. It’s supposedly based on a Japanese dormouse, but I feel that there are enough Japanese-based Pikachu clones. Other than that, I got nothing.



Carbink may be based on the carbuncle, a mythical creature mentioned in the Book of Imaginary Beings, a book originally written by Jorge Luis Borges and Margarita Guerrero. However, I see little chance of Carbink being a regional, due to its connection to the Mythical Pokemon Diancie. I feel that Carbink will be a rare encounter (or rare egg hatch), and will be a major factor in any Special Research for Diancie.



Klefki is another Pokemon that is difficult to tie to any specific region. It is therefore unlikely to become a regional.


Generation 7 – Alola

Generation 7 feature a lot of unevolving Pokemon, totalling 14, and some of these have different forms to boot.



Oricorio (forms)

Oricorio has four different forms, and they are different types depending on the location and what nectar they have sipped in-game. However, I could see the split being towards the four corners of the map. Otherwise, I could see them being distributed in raid battles.




Wishiwashi’s gimmick is its Schooling Ability, allowing itself to change into a School Form once it reaches level 20. However, I don’t think Niantic would set it aside for a regional, rather they would set it aside just like Kecleon or Ditto before it.



Comfey is based on a lei, a concept in Hawaiian culture where a wreath of flowers is presented as a symbol of affection. However, it’s quite a popular concept, so I’m gonna say that if we put all Hawaiian-based Pokemon as regionals it’d be unfair. 



Oranguru is based on an orangutan. While they are only found in Borneo and Sumatra, they are also available to see in zoos (that sounds horrible, I know, but it’s the only way I can say it). 



Oranguru’s counterpart Passimian is based on the black-and-white ruffed lemur, and lemurs are awesome. They can be found in captivity, as well as in Madagascar. But if we’re keeping Oranguru as non-regional, might as well do the same to Passimian.



I don’t want this to be regional because I really like it, and also the shiny is nice and green.



Minior (forms)

Field Research? New form every month? I’m down for that. Also the shiny is absolutely beautiful, probably one of my favourite shinies.



Komala is based on a koala. They’re native to Australia. I think that sums it up.



Turtonator appears to be partly based on the mata-mata, a turtle found in South America. But how many South American regionals have we touched upon in this post? If we’re releasing Drampa everywhere, might as well do the same with Turtonator as well.



As with other Pikachu clones, Togedemaru could well be a regional exclusive. It’s definitely more based on a hedgehog from what I can tell, and hedgehogs themselves are found widely around the world. I’ll keep this one on reserve until Niantic surprises us with a regional-exclusive Togedemaru location reveal.



Due to Mimikyu’s popularity I cannot see this becoming a regional, perhaps a rare Pokemon. It may be in 10km eggs exclusively, or available to battle in raids. I feel like already having the Mimikyu hat available for free in the style shop in Pokemon Go ensures its status as non-exclusive.



Bruxish, a Pokemon that isn’t generally well-liked, could be a regional Pokemon focused on Hawaii, as it is based on the reef triggerfish, which is native there.

To be fair, Hawaii can have Bruxish.



Drampa looks like it’s based on a Chinese dragon, but good luck getting a regional in a country that can’t play the game. Never mind, give us it and a day one shiny and I’ll be happy.



Dhelmise appears to be a seaweed-based monster clinging onto some shipwreck. All I know is that it’s another shiny that I adore. With its generic origin, I doubt it’ll be a regional at any rate.


So I want to know your opinions on all of these regional-exclusive candidates. I wanted to stick to mostly non-evolving Pokemon after the mess-up they did with Mr. Mime – the exceptions have their own purpose, though. Also if I’m wrong on anything, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “The Future of Regional Pokemon in Pokemon Go

  1. Tim

    I could fully see most of these being regionals (save for the elemental monkeys…I think Niantic will treat them like starters). That said, I’d be very sad if Hawlucha and Sigilyph are regional.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I added the elemental monkeys purely just in case they wanted to add a gimmick so it’d take longer to fill the Pokedex. Otherwise, Hawlucha and Sigilyph as regionals will suck, I really like those two.

      Liked by 1 person

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