My Pokemon Experience – And Some Facts

This week’s originally planned Gaming Spotlight video will be delayed as it’s quite expansive (it’s The Sims, I had to make that pun). Instead I wanted to go through my Pokemon Go account and experiences and give you some facts, as well as some facts from my time playing Pokemon in general.

  1. I was late getting into Pokemon, I was never allowed it when I was younger.
  2. So I first played LeafGreen in July 2012.
  3. My starter for both LeafGreen and Go was Charmander. If I went back to it, I’d choose Squirtle.
  4. My first shiny was a Golbat in Diamond. My only other random full-odds shiny was Raticate in Ultra Sun.
  5. I’ve failed two shinies in my time playing – both in Ultra Sun. A Swellow used Brave Bird after I left it on 1HP with False Swipe. The other time, I soft-reset over a shiny Guzzlord on over 900 SRs. It took another 200 to get the next shiny.
  6. I never really liked nicknaming my Pokemon in main-series games, but that’s different when I can freely change nicknames whenever I want in Let’s Go or Go (I initially published this list with half a missing sentence, whoops!).
  7. My favourite region for Pokemon is Sinnoh, but I prefer the atmosphere and soundtrack of the Hoenn region.
  8. I currently sit at 51 million XP on Pokemon Go. So I’ve levelled up to level 40 2.5 times since I started playing.
  9. I started playing on 14th July 2017, and I’ve been playing every day since day one.
  10. I love nicknaming my Pokemon. I’ve been nicknamed as ‘Nicknamer’ on a friend’s account.
  11. No seriously. I like giving my Pokemon nicknames to either tell them apart (using Bitey or WWE to tell which Fast Move my Tyranitars know), or because it’s fitting (I have a Lugia called Hallelugia).
  12. Sometimes my Pokemon are named after places – my shiny Xatu is named after the Jardim da Estrela, and I named a shiny Murkrow (later given to a friend) Pequeno. She kept that nickname on it, too.
  13. I’m probably the unluckiest shiny Aron hunter. I have encountered over 1,200 without seeing a shiny.
  14. My first shiny was a Magikarp from a raid. It’s now a Gyarados called ‘Red Ross’.
  15. There are three shinies I’m after – Aron (so much hunting), Seel (everyone else has one but me) and Zubat (nostalgia reasons).
  16. Pokemon Go has helped me immensely with my social anxiety. It also sometimes is the main reason why I leave the house.
  17. I’ve made so many friends while playing this game, and we have our own support network.
  18. It’s interesting considering I’m considered one of the elite players in my town (according to a few anyway).
  19. Work gets in the way a lot when it comes to playing. I’m either working or exhausted from working and refuse to leave the house in the evenings.
  20. I don’t have any 100% shiny Pokemon, and only one 100% Lucky Pokemon – and it’s a Kantonian Persian.

Bonus Fact: I’m creating my own Fakemon region with an assortment of new Pokemon. Please stay tuned for more in the future. The only thing I can say is that the region is based on Portugal (of course).

21 thoughts on “My Pokemon Experience – And Some Facts

  1. Tim

    I accidentally killed the first non-fixed encounter shiny I ever ran into. I encountered a shiny Granbull in Moon, but the color was so close that I didn’t even notice (I’d looked away when the shiny animation played).

    I still don’t have a shiny 100%, but I do have a 100% lucky (Kantonian Ninetales) and a 100% purified Politoad — that I caught as a 100% shadow Poliwag. I’ve had absurdly good luck with 100% Pokemon…though I’ve still yet to encounter a 0/0/0 ever. Or a shiny Murkrow (after ~1300 encounters after the shiny was released).

    As an aside, I love that your Smack Down Ttar is named WWE.


    1. poketravellerlola

      In all honesty I don’t watch wrestling but the name fit too well. Most of the nicknames I give my Pokemon are silly but I like coming up with ideas for nicknames.

      I’ve still yet to get a 0%, been close a couple of times with Mareep and Barboach being 2%. Also if you lived closer you could have a spare shiny Murkrow already, I’ve had 5 of them, I’m sick of them!

      I tend to find that some shinies appear better in Go than main-games, like Seel.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tim

        I’m at 13 shiny Pikachu overall, I think. I only got 2 on Community Day, but I’m a magnet for them. I even have a shiny flower crown one. The shiniest I’ve been seeking out the hardest are Murkrow, Kabuto, and Drifloon. Murkrow I’ve at least gotten through trade, but now it’s just the principle of finding one in the wild.

        I have some pretty good nicknames for my Pokemon too. The only thing that confuses people is that I add an accented e in front of the names of my perfect Pokemon, so people don’t always see the nicknames. Plus I don’t really walk nicknamed Pokemon all that much. Maybe that should be a blogpost?


      2. poketravellerlola

        I remember seeing that Ninetales with the accented e as your buddy for a while, I managed to see the nickname. I tend to add an asterisk next to the names of the perfect Pokemon, so that I know never to transfer them, same with the ^ symbol for my lucky shinies.

        I’ve been offered Aron loads as trade but I’m stubborn enough to want one of my own. I wanted Drifloon for the longest time, but I have a lucky shiny, which I don’t mind having.

        Ralts Community Day was just disgustingly lucky for me. I doubt anything will beat that for a while…

        Actually, maybe I should do a post explaining random Pokemon nicknames…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Tim

        We should. I considered doing that as a post for my Patreon supporters a while back, but I never did. It might be a good thing for my regular blog though.


      4. Tim

        I’m still working on writing mine at this point. That said, I think I should be able to get it done today or tomorrow.


      5. poketravellerlola

        Fair enough, I’m the opposite in that I like to keep things concise – too many late nights spent writing waffle for a degree never helped.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Tim

        My post is written and scheduled for 9am BST tomorrow. I’ll link back to you when I see it. I’ll likely share on Twitter as well, as that’s really my lone social media.


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