Pokemon Theme Teams – The Arcana

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Theme Teams, but I think this one will be much easier to condense, considering the cast of characters.

If you didn’t read my Gaming Spotlight post from last Friday, I highlighted The Arcana, a visual novel dating sim where you uncover your past while romancing the characters.

For this discussion I’m only focusing on the romance-able characters, so there are no characters such as Volta or Faust in this list. So I wanted to find a Pokemon for each of the six romance-able characters. As with the last Theme Team post, the movesets aren’t necessarily battle-ready, but help to symbolise the characters.

I do have to warn you that because I highlight events in the story, there will be spoilers. You have been warned!

Asra – Delphox

In The Arcana, Asra is your master who has taught you magic, and you are his apprentice. You run your magic shop together. He is a wanderlust, often travelling for periods of time.

Delphox was chosen due to its similarities to Asra’s patron Arcana, The Magician. The Magician takes the form of an anthropomorphic fox, and also has Magician as its Hidden Ability. Delphox, by design, has attributes to being a magician anyway, with the stick that it uses as a wand.

Item: Colbur Berry

Ability: Magician

Moves: Dazzling Gleam

Fire Blast

Calm Mind

Mystical Fire

Nadia – Decidueye

Nadia is the Countess of Vesuvia, and tasks you to uncover the truth about the events surrounding her late husband Lucio’s death.

I considered Noctowl for Nadia, but Decidueye won out. I based my choice on The High Priestess, who takes the form of an owl. I felt Decidueye was more majestic than Noctowl, and everyone seems to prefer the former. I gave the Decidueye the King’s Rock as to serve as a reminder of Nadia’s ranking as Countess of Vesuvia (yes there isn’t a Queen’s Rock or Countess’ Rock, but who cares?).

Item: King’s Rock

Ability: Long Reach

Moves: Roost

Spirit Shackle

Giga Drain

Leaf Blade

Julian – Honchkrow

Julian is a fugitive who was accused of Lucio’s murder, and thus fled to escape his execution. He was a doctor, working on a cure for the Red Plague that swept Vesuvia.

Corviknight would have been a great choice, except that it hasn’t been released yet, so we don’t know the full moveset. Honchkrow, the other similar bird Pokemon, is therefore the option we’re going with for Julian. His patron Arcana is The Hanged Man, which takes the form of a raven (so close enough I suppose). Also, I’ll touch upon the Reversed End, and that invokes a lot of bird stuff.


Ability: Moxie

Moves: Thief


Dark Pulse


Portia – Delcatty

Portia works for the Palace as Nadia’s favourite and most trusted handmaiden. She is also Julian’s younger sister. She enjoys snooping and finding secrets and stories around the Palace.

Delcatty refers to The Star, which is depicted as a cat. Portia also represents The Star, and has a cat called Pepi. I couldn’t find any ginger cats that line up with both Portia’s features and The Star’s appearance, however I feel that the shiny form of Delcatty would work well in this instance. Water Pulse is selected due to the water-bearer role of The Star, and also with Portia being an Aquarius.

Item: Silk Scarf

Ability: Cute Charm

Moves:  Double Slap

Echoed Voice


Water Pulse

Lucio – Gogoat

Lucio was the Count of Vesuvia, and Nadia’s late husband. He was murdered, allegedly burned to death in his bed by Julian on the night of the masquerade. He now appears as a ghostly goat.

Early on in the game, Lucio is sort-of dead, but also takes the form of a ghostly goat. On top of that, he is represented by The Devil, which appears as an anthropomorphic goat.

It may be wise to implement some stalling tactics with this Gogoat, as the main theme for Lucio is to keep him…not quite living but not quite dead, if that makes sense?

Item: Leftovers

Ability: Sap Sipper

Moves: Milk Drink

Leaf Blade

Horn Leech

Seed Bomb

Muriel – Bewear

Muriel is a man who lives alone in the woods with chickens and a wolf named Inanna for company. He has a spell on him that makes people forget about him after interacting with him. He doesn’t like crowds, and prefers to isolate himself.

Bewear is based off a bear, the very same as The Hermit (of which Muriel is a beneficiary of). Both Muriel and Bewear are large in stature, and are known for their overwhelming physical strength – Muriel was a gladiator known as the ‘Scourge of the South’, and was part of the trial by combat in Asra’s route. However, Muriel is a gentle giant who would just rather avoid people.

Item:  Fightinium Z

Ability: Unnerve

Moves: Superpower





I know I was supposed to do a Borderlands version, but then that kinda slipped my mind. It may be back in mind in the future, once Borderlands 3 comes out on Steam next year!




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