Least Favourite Pokemon Of Each Type

I keep thinking of my favourite Pokemon of each type, but it’s more difficult to pinpoint the least favourite Pokemon of each type. But I’ve managed to find some at least, and I wanted to give brief-ish explanations as to why. Some admittedly are nitpicks, while others are truly horrible. Some come from a place of bias, definitely.

Here are my least favourite Pokemon of each type. Let’s get brutal, guys!




Let’s face it. Lickilicky exists so we can have Eviolite Lickitung. Lickitung is awesome, while Lickilicky felt unnecessary to me. A Lickitung Mega-Evolution would have been amazing if Lickitung’s tongue divided into two. Instead we get this…abomination.

Blissey is torture, while Dunsparce is forgettable. Also why is Azurill a Normal-type when its evolutions are part Water-type?

Dishonourable mentions: Blissey, Dunsparce, Azurill




Leave Bidoof alone!

Dishonourable mentions: Barbaracle, Phione




Let’s be honest, there aren’t many Fire-types I dislike. At a stretch, Charizard is just overrated, and that’s coming from someone who started with a Charmander in their first ever Pokemon game. Although I was happy to have it in my recent Emerald Randomizer Typelocke playthrough.

Dishonourable mentions: Simisear, Emboar




It is a pathetic thing that evolves from something even more pathetic. Sunflora could be good – but it’s Speed stat is just not worth having one on your team.

Dishonourable mentions: Sunkern, Abomasnow




Crabominable suffers from a lot of the same issues as Sunflora – except Crabominable suffers from six weaknesses – which is never a good sign, especially combined with its slow Speed stat, making sure that no matter how tanky it is, it won’t stay for long in battle.

Dishonourable mentions: Hitmontop, Tyrogue




Let’s go into some real salt here – in Pokemon Go, Unown is rarer than a Dragonite – unless you can afford to go to some in-real-life events. I’ve never seen one in the wild, only during a Safari Zone event in 2017 where they allowed multiple cities throughout Europe to have Kangaskhan and Unown. 

And let’s not get started on its purpose in the main series games – except that it serves no valuable purpose except for being a gimmick. Hidden Power is a relatively weak-in-comparison move that is the only move that Unown can learn, and the move’s typing is entirely dependent on its IVs. Imagine going up against an opponent that could Disable you in one fell swoop. Struggle, bitch!

Dishonourable mentions: Mr. Mime, Lunatone, Solrock




It’s gimmick is cool, but Wonder Guard can only work so well. Look at Majin from Pokestar Studios, which could only be damaged by status conditions. Having the Bug/Ghost typing leaves Shedinja to five weaknesses that could take it out instantly. I mean, it’s cool for a few times, but it’s not worth building a strategy around, and it’s a Pokemon you would have to have in a Nuzlocke playthrough.

Dishonourable mentions: Hoopa (Confined), Rotom




I would have preferred both Glalie and Froslass to get Mega Evolutions, but Froslass was left out in the cold (excuse the pun) to make Glalie more favourable. For me it’s literally just an awkward boulder, and its shiny form makes it look stoned. 

Dishonourable mentions: Avalugg, Cryogonal




It is utterly forgettable. I have a 100% IV Forretress in Pokemon Go and I always forget it’s there. I know being forgettable doesn’t justify it being my least favourite, but what else could be my least favourite if I forget about it?

Dishonourable mentions: Wormadam (Trash Cloak), Registeel




Once again some Pokemon Go bias, but I see this thing EVERYWHERE. I mean it literally. This is the only reason why Qwilfish is not the least favourite Poison-type. I could have given this slot to Tentacool or Zubat, but my first shiny was Golbat, and Tentacool – I don’t hate as much as Koffing. Weezing was just confirmed to have a Galarian form, so Weezing is safe, for now.

Dishonourable mentions: Qwilfish, Tentacool




What even is this thing? It looks awful, and its shiny is even worse. Why was this one of the chosen Pokemon in the Wormholes in USUM? Why did this one have to be my first Wormhole shiny?

In terms of the other two, Archeops is let down by its Defeatist Ability, while Onix…meh.

Dishonourable mentions: Archeops, Onix




Like Lickilicky, this thing exists so we can have an Eviolite Rhydon. Rhyperior is ugly, overdesigned, and it takes away the finesse that Rhydon had. Rhyperior did not greatly improve on what Rhydon had to begin with, and Rhydon was a beloved Pokemon that was allowed to flourish due to the Eviolite eligibility.

Dishonourable mentions: Gligar, Trapinch



These are together on the list because they are equally awful. Sadly I feel they were mis-typed – Volbeat should have been Bug/Electric, while Illumise should have been Bug/Fire – after all, they are based on fireflies. Because of the issue I have with the typing, they aren’t that much useful, and are just as dismissable as the other singular Bug-types that we can probably see on other people’s least favourite Pokemon lists.

Dishonourable mentions: Genesect, Burmy



Mr. Mime

I have a lot of questions about this POS right now – who thought Mr. Mime would be good as a part-Fairy type? I guess it delves into a bit more into assumptions and discretion, but I really do not like this Pokemon at all. I really like the Fairy typing so having Mr. Mime be a Fairy type is…I kinda wanna cry. Detective Pikachu may be its saving grace from it being absolute trash, but it’s still my least favourite Pokemon of all time. Not only is it disgustingly creepy, having this POS as our regional in Pokemon Go instead of Lapras was a mistake – especially with the Mime Jr. problem. Mime Jr. is adorable, but I just wish Mr. Mime had a very different appearance, and then I might like it more. Maybe.

Dishonourable mentions: Azurill, Mega Audino



Alolan Raticate

Nothing really, I just don’t care for it to be honest.

Dishonourable mentions: Drapion, Alolan Meowth




This one…I don’t like to pick apart Dragon-types because a lot of the Pokemon are awesome. However, Druddigon is my least favourite purely because of its poor base stats, and it could have done with an evolution line or even a Mega-Evolution (or perhaps a Gigantamax form, please let this happen).

Guzzlord is a dishonourable mention only because I SR’d over a shiny Guzzlord by mistake after over 900 SRs. I eventually got it.

Mega Salamence is the croissant dragon we do not need.

Dishonourable mentions: Mega Salamence, Guzzlord




This is a flightless bird. Why is it a Flying-type? Why can it learn Fly? Why don’t we have another evolution with four heads and name it Dodquad? Why?

Dishonourable mentions: Tornadus, Jumpluff




This one’s a stretch, I gotta admit. I like all Electric-type Pokemon in their own ways. Thundurus is actually the only Electric-type I feel a bit meh about, closely followed by Zeraora and Stunfisk. Don’t hate me, I appreciate Zeraora but it’s essentially furry bait (and it’s another silver platter Mythical). And I know I don’t have to defend myself with Stunfisk.

To be fair, Thundurus does exist so we could have Therian Forme Thundurus. An upgrade, but not by much.

Dishonourable mentions: Zeraora, Stunfisk

6 thoughts on “Least Favourite Pokemon Of Each Type

  1. Tim

    I’m so happy you did this too. I love when people make long Pokemon lists I get to read. I never really thought of Lickitung and Rhydon’s evolutions as reasons for them to use Eviolite, but now that you mention it, I doubt it’ll ever get out of my head.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I just don’t like Lickilicky and Rhyperior anyway, and hearing about how often Lickitung and Rhydon are used with Eviolite added to my reasoning. I also have a favourite Pokemon of each type coming soon, as well as some other lists. So much for a hiatus, huh?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tim

        As someone who reads what you write, I don’t mind you going back on your hiatus. Don’t burn yourself out though. I’ve been there. It’s not fun.


      2. poketravellerlola

        My plan is to get as much stuff finished and scheduled that I’ve had piled in my drafts for months, then spending the non-blog time working on a book (probably).

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Tim

        I have the same problem (sort of). I really need to get some blog and Patreon stuff done in the near future, as I know my book will be coming back from the editor soon. If I don’t get it taken care of quickly, the book stuff will cause everything else to go on the back burner.


      4. poketravellerlola

        I have the same problem with taking on too much. I’m working now, I have this blog, I’m working on a side-project I’m writing a book and I’ve got cosplay on the brain as well. Getting blog stuff out of the way will help me take care of the rest in the meantime

        Liked by 1 person

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