Another Hiatus (Probably) + Scheduling

Just a quick update for those interested, I’m looking on taking another hiatus. I’m hoping it won’t be as long as the last one, but I need to get adjusted to working full-time again. I don’t have the time to write big projects, and I’ve had to scrap one due to it being very intensive.

Basically, I’m working on trying to re-flesh an old story I was working on for the longest time. I’m also taking some time to design some Fakemon for a different project entirely.

Every Friday, I still want to do the Games Spotlight posts, as well as any Community Day posts. A Legendary Raid Day post is still coming, just waiting until Suicune Day happens this month. I also want to work on some other posts that I have drafted but neglected, so they’ll be coming. I do have a long list of things I want to get sorted, so you’ll see a bit of variety. I’m also going to inject some Travelling Tuesdays. Below is the schedule for the next two months, give or take some ideas.

  • 5th August – My Experiments with Multiple Accounts
  • 6th August – Travelling Tuesdays – EU Residency in Portugal
  • 9th August – GSF – The Binding of Isaac
  • 12th August – Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 16th August – GSF – Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • 19th August – Least Favourite Pokemon of Each Type
  • 20th August – TT – Things To Know About Lisbon
  • 23rd August – GSF – The Sims (the whole series that I’ve played)
  • 26th August – 10 Pokemon I Don’t Want to See in the Galar Region
  • 27th August – TT – My Experiences With Teleperformance Portugal
  • 30th August – GSF – Borderlands
  • August – Legendary Raid Days round-up
  • September – Turtwig Community Day round-up
  • 2nd September –  The Problem and Future of Regionals in Pokemon Go
  • 6th September – GSF – Stardew Valley
  • 9th September – Top 10 Favourite Pokemon Shinies
  • 13th September – GSF – Doki Doki Literature Club
  • 16th September – Top 10 Wanted Ideas For Community Day
  • 20th September – GSF – Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
  • 27th September – GSF – Borderlands 2

2 thoughts on “Another Hiatus (Probably) + Scheduling

  1. Tim

    You’ll be missed on your hiatus. Come back soon!

    Also, that’s a super-ambitious blogging schedule. I do one a week and I feel like it can get crazy at times. Good on you!


    1. poketravellerlola

      My hiatus is more like I’m going to work on some stuff for the foreseeable future but not get dragged down by numbers. I had a lot of plans and I’ll get them done, just so that I’ve got the consistent schedule despite the break.

      Liked by 1 person

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