Ralts Overload? – Ralts Community Day

As you probably understand, Community Days are usually a hit-or-miss affair with me, and I don’t get a lot of shinies compared to others. Adding onto that with my injury problems that occurred six months ago.

Today I started out at Central Park, the usual meeting place for the Community Day proceedings.

To be honest, I felt that it was going to be a repeat of Charmander Community Day, as there were infrequent spawns. Plus I always dread the first half hour without a shiny, but it soon picked up within Central Park. After a long-overdue first shiny, I caught five more, all while heading to a Rayquaza raid (that wasn’t shiny).

I also took the time to evolve four new shinies – Kanto Grimer (caught her a few weeks back), Drifloon (got that last week via a Lucky Trade), Koffing (caught on the way to work on Monday), and Ekans (got him on the way home from work on Tuesday).

I was able to take part in a famous drive-around later in the day, This was where I was able to go around the massive cluster spawns that we have here in Scunthorpe. Beforehand, we’d seen a huge spike of 10km eggs being distributed, and I felt that this was because of the 4x incubator effectiveness. We realised that was partly true, as all of the eggs that we hatched between us hatched into Ralts.

The first stop was the main Post Office, followed by The Range (where I picked up a good handful of shinies alone), then Tesco, and all the way down towards The Comet, a small pub with a massive cluster attached.

My phone started to slow down, and was also dying despite the power bank I brought with me. Thus, on 13 shinies, it was time for me to leave the car and walk towards the local Chinese on my way home.

On that walk towards mine, it had hit 7pm with a total of 16 shinies, and 3 10km eggs left to hatch from the Community Day collection.

Out of the 16 shinies, 11 were female, and the other 5 were male. Due to my extensive collection, I am able to give some of them away to trade, as I know a few recipients that would be happy to take them off my hands. After all of the trades and evolutions were accounted for, I still had 9 left over!

Overall, in terms of shiny rates, it was the most successful Community Day I’d taken part in. I’d even outdone a couple of the more prolific shiny hunters, which is strange. I also feel it was the most successful Community Day in terms of enjoyment. I was happily competing with people to get the most shinies, and it was a great change of pace from the working environment I’d been in the past week.

5 thoughts on “Ralts Overload? – Ralts Community Day

  1. Tim

    It seems like I had a complete opposite Community Day experience from you this time. I waited for nearly two hours to get my first shiny and only ended up with 2 total during the entire three hours. I’m just glad Synchronoise isn’t an amazing move, as I didn’t get a single Ralts above 84% the entire time despite playing for nearly the full 3 hours. It was the worst Community Day I’ve played (I didn’t play Larvitar or Treecko Community Day due to other obligations), which was unfortunate since I love Ralts. That said, I’m quite jealous of your luck!


    1. poketravellerlola

      I hate rubbing salt in the wounds further but I hatched the last of my Ralts eggs yesterday and came out with a 100% female. Oh well. Ralts will be back in December, I’m sure they’ll bring them all back like they did last year!


      1. Tim

        I already had a 100% female Ralts from right after Gen III was released (or…when Ralts was more specifically), do I’m not as jealous there. With that said, I am quite annoyed that all of my Ralts hatches were in the 80%-91% range. I’ve still yet to get a Gallade above 87%.


      2. poketravellerlola

        They probably did, but that’s karma. Like I said, hopefully your luck will be better in December – it worked for me and Charmander at least!

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