So I Heard You Like Mudkips? – Community Day #19

As it has been six weeks since the failure that was Slakoth Community Day (for us in Europe that is), we were hoping that Mudkip was going to be a better event for us (and globally of course) than the previous.

And in short, it was.

The Mudkip spawns were plentiful despite the partly cloudy weather boost. The 3x catch XP (6x if a Lucky Egg was used) was amazing, especially for lower-levelled players. Me and Connor did a Shinx raid locally beforehand, so we started opposite The Crown Pub in Ashby. Earlier on, I felt a bit superstitious and used my Typhlosion named Komaeda as my Buddy. Of course, I had to name him that – it was the first Cyndaquil I checked during its Community Day, and the last in Lisbon.

Of course I had to reset my game to be able to select the spawns. Once I did and was able check, my luck was in full swing, as the first Mudkip I checked came out shiny. I felt great about it, and we made our way up to Central Park.

We’d met up with a few familiar faces along the way – one of which was scouting me out specifically so we could do a trade so I could have his spare Alolan Exeggutor for my spare Aipom. Sadly the Aipom didn’t reroll well, but my Exeggutor fared a lot better stat-wise. If you’re watching, thanks Jake!

I noticed that some of the usual crowd weren’t about this time around. I can put it down to the Community Day being so late. However, there was a good crowd around Central Park. Me and Connor sat at a bench for a little while, resting up while having a small picnic. There were already lures on, and a Shieldon popped up – they’re quite rare around these parts, so we had masses of people hunting down the Shieldon.

On our way back around the loop (we’d got 3 shinies each by this point), we were alerted to a 96% towards where we were headed, so we managed to catch it. While putting something in a newly-claimed Gym, I got another shiny.

My sixth shiny came when we decided to make our way home, outside a local pub. As usual, I checked its Appraisal – turned out to be 96%, just like the one we found earlier. That was to be the one which I evolved later.

Due to the Muddy Water move, I wanted to add the second Charge attacks to each of the Mudkip I wanted to evolve, so that I didn’t have to spend so much Stardust and candy later. I wanted both Hydro Cannon and Muddy Water as their moves.

Overall, I enjoyed myself this time. I think it helped that I had someone to enjoy the game with me, and I feel that each of the Saturday Community Days are placed so that he misses out. But we managed to spend the entire three hours out of the house, so I think that has to account for something.

Now, I wonder what the Community Day Pokemon will be in two weeks’ time…

2 thoughts on “So I Heard You Like Mudkips? – Community Day #19

  1. Tim

    A lot of people are speculating the next Community Day will be Ralts, which would make a lot of sense. That said, I’m hoping for a random Community Day that makes no sense in context, much like Eevee day was last year. Something absurd like Poliwag day or something along those lines.


    1. poketravellerlola

      Okay I have to say this – I would love a Poliwag Community Day! I feel like it would be Ralts though, as it feels more special with the evolutionary line split with Gardevoir and Gallade. Plus I know someone that’s been saving their 100% male Kirlia for over a year now!


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