Update 0.149 – This New Appraisal System

The latest update, 0.149, has changed the way we view the appraisal system. Gone are the long-winded texts about your Pokemon being able to ‘battle with the best of them’ or being ‘pretty decent’.

Now, we are shown in a graphic just how good our Pokemon are. The Pokemon’s Attack, Defense and HP are judged on this, and are then given a rating out of 3 stars. the orange star rating turns a pink/red, and the appraisal bars turn red. As you can see by my featured image, the Blastoise I caught has three red bars with the pink/red rating. This means that this Blastoise has perfect IVs. From the looks of it, it seems that the appraisals do not note nicknames, as

But what about our team leaders? What do they do now?

Instead of giving us the long-winded appraisal, they now give us the date and location that the Pokemon was caught in. This saves my phone from slowing the heck down whenever I want to check the date or location stamp on my Pokemon (which is still visible below – although typically now the speed on that has increased).

Within the space of around 2 minutes, I was able to appraise 115 Pokemon. It would have taken me a long time to be able to appraise that many just a few hours ago. However you can do it much quicker – by searching using the term ‘4*’ (without quote marks), you can see all of your 100% IV Pokemon.

As by changing the appraisal system, the code for the old system has been removed.

While it’s not the exact appraisal system people were clamouring for, I think this is a great step in the right direction, and is quite similar to that of the Let’s Go games.

It appears that that was not the only thing to have changed in this update. The fast-catch using the back button on your phone has stopped working (for me, anyway). Also there will be a change coming to PvP soon, where the way you make your Charged Attack is different – instead of tapping your screen furiously, you can now swipe coordinated attacks to ‘charge’ it up.

Another new addition that has been added is the code for the new Purification system. There are new badges added for Invasions, along with Shadow and Purified Pokemon search filters, updates and added forms (for example, Houndour, Poliwag and Moltres to name a few received these updates). There is also information about the Invasion Sequence, dialogue and a minigame. There looks to be a tutorial so that you don’t jump in confused as to what to do.

There was a lot of little things in the standard Silph Road APK teardown, but I feel that I covered the more interesting aspects of the update we received.

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