We Need To Discuss Multiple Accounts on Pokemon Go

I’ve been doing an experiment with a secondary Pokemon Go account, and the experiment is to see if the hypothesis is correct where newer accounts are favoured more for shinies than long-term players. I will discuss my findings here, as I realised there was more to it than just having an extra account.

I just wanted to go through the logistics of using multiple accounts on Pokemon Go. This can range from using two phones to using the same phone, switching between accounts on that phone. The easiest way to set this up is to download the app from two different sources – my method is the initial APK file (Google Play releases updates a lot later than the APK file), and Galaxy Store (I use a Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 model).

The upsides to multiple accounts are:

  • The second account helps with raid numbers – this is mainly if the secondary account is of a high level with good counters. One account could make the difference between winning and losing a raid, especially if you can’t make up the other numbers or the rest of the raid party are lower-levelled.
  • An extra chance for shinies – it’s true that having a second account still gives you the same odds for a shiny (as you’d think – my experiment is testing that), it provides extra coverage if you don’t seem lucky with certain shinies. For example, I’ve gone over 1100 encounters without finding a shiny Aron, but an extra account means that I could encounter one and trade it to my main account.
  • An extra chance for new Pokedex entries – logistically, having 18 10km eggs on the go instead of 9 grants nine extra chances for a rare Pokemon such as Riolu or Gible.
  • Friending yourself = more XP/Gifts/Items/Lucky trade – a lot of multiple accounters added their main account as a friend, and one of my friends is reaping the benefits. He has had a good amount of Lucky trades, some of them traded with himself.

The main downside is that multiple accounts are essentially violating the game’s Terms of Service. I mean, that is literally it. Niantic could pull the plug on both accounts if they felt it necessary.

So do I feel multiple accounts are good? Sort of. While I don’t feel that they are as bad as some people make out to be, it’s essentially breaking the Terms of Service.

So I want to ask you this: how do you feel about multiple accounts? Do you run more than one account?

6 thoughts on “We Need To Discuss Multiple Accounts on Pokemon Go

  1. Tim

    I have mixed thoughts on having multiple accounts on Pokemon Go (or any game for that matter). I’ve never done it before with Go, but I have for other mobile games. My general philosophy is that it’s totally fine if there isn’t a way for having multiple accounts to give a single player a true competitive advantage on one account while hamstringing the other account. I feel like the randomness of trading in Go helps for this to be the case, but it does straddle the line a bit, as lucky friends guarantees good Pokemon to be traded back and forth. Furthermore, a person could just trade all their good Pokemon to one account in hopes of re-rolling bad IVs.

    I’m not against people who do it, but I also don’t see a massive need for it. It’s certainly not as bad as some make it out to be. That said, it’s also a lot of work for what I see as very little gain.


    1. poketravellerlola

      I’ve been feeling that it’s a lot of work switching between the two. Plus starting a new account now means the level curve is ridiculous and can possibly reach level 40 in a matter of months without grinding too hard for it.


      1. Tim

        I get that. The main mobile game I’ve played for forever is Brave Frontier. It took me about 3 years to get to level 500 in that game (roughly the equivalent XP scale wise to 31-32 in Go). I got an alt account on my Windows PC (before they killed that app) and got to 500 in 8 months because of the way they’ve changed XP since then. There’s people getting to level 999 in 6-8 months now. It’s nuts.


      2. poketravellerlola

        I always discuss this with newer players and the rate at which they’re reaching 40 is ridiculous. A friend of mine made an account back in 2016 but didn’t start properly playing until late last year, and he’s level 39. I feel that if you’re going to include level-up-fast gimmicks and ideas, at least bring in a level cap, or increase the amount of XP needed to go from 1-40.


      3. Tim

        I think a good third option would be to increase the advantages/rewards available to level 40 players. Brave Frontier is a notorious example of exactly how not to do this, as you get a single (admittedly overpowered) item to equip to a single unit. That’s it though. And considering that you use 5 units per battle, it’s not as broken as you’d think it be. I feel like that’s how it is for level 40s in Go right now.


      4. poketravellerlola

        I feel like at level 40 you should still have a progress bar, and when you fill it up you get rewards, like a random box with some goodies (including Stardust).


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