Go Big Or Go Home – Gigantamaxing and New Pokemon Announced

So in an unexpected (for me) turn of events, and even after the weeks of #BringBackNationalDex, we have a new teaser for Sword/Shield. Now as you may be aware, I’m on Team Don’t Care when it comes to the National Pokedex, but I can understand why people are angry.

But the release of the latest trailer sees an introduction to two new Gym leaders – Bea, the Fighting-type expert, and Allister, who uses Ghost-types. Bea is exclusive to Sword, while Allister is exclusive to Shield. There are also two other people involved in Gyms – Chairman Rose and Oleana. I assume that with how all of the Gyms take on the appearances of traditional football stadiums, they could be the Pokemon equivalent to the Football Association. For those who aren’t in the know, the FA oversee all amateur and professional football within the UK and sets rules on professional conduct. However, it could well be that all Gym Leaders in the Galar region have a management team.

We also saw four new confirmed Pokemon – I say ‘four new’, because the trailer formally introduced my personal favourite so far – Yamper, the Electric-type based on a corgi. As a lover of the Electric typing and the corgi breed, it’s definitely got a spot on the team, regardless of if Shinx is included in the Galar dex. The other three are Rolycoly, a pure Rock-type which looks quite interesting, Duraludon, a Steel-Dragon type that is definitely going on my team and Alcremie, a Fairy-type that I really want to eat.

And with Alcremie, we get onto the topic of Gigantamaxing. Seeing as though the long-term prospects of Dynamax went down like a lead balloon with fans, Gigantamaxing takes the gimmick one step further. We’ll call it ‘G-Max’ for short, because holy crap it’s a mouthful. G-Maxing changes the size and the appearance of Pokemon. So with Alcremie, its G-Max form becomes that of a cake. Yes, Alcremie becomes a literal cake. It makes me hungry just thinking about it.

So generally, despite the issues with the National Dex, I’m impressed with the different Pokemon revealed so far. However, there are two things I want from upcoming reveals: 1) No more Pokemon reveals. With Alola we had near enough the entire Pokedex revealed just before the game. 2) Evil team. I want to see what the evil team is and their motives.

In other news, thanks to Facebook Memories, I discovered it’s been 7 years since I first played Pokemon. Thank you Steve, you bad influence!

4 thoughts on “Go Big Or Go Home – Gigantamaxing and New Pokemon Announced

  1. Tim

    As much as I don’t care about the National Dex stuff at this stage, I am a bit annoyed at the version-exclusive gym leaders. I want to be able to battle all the gym leaders in a given region, so if it’s forced to have the other game to do this, I’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, they could make it where Allister is a gym leader in Shield, but then Bea is an Elite Four challenger once you’re champion in Shield (and the opposite in Sword), I would find that to be a novel and awesome approach. We’ll clearly have to wait and see though.


    1. poketravellerlola

      It would be a nice approach, so at least you can battle both of their teams. The exclusivity would be much worse though if one was more difficult than the other. For example, if Bea was easy while Allister was Whitney-level difficult.


      1. Tim

        My hope is that it won’t be a difficulty thing, particularly if the intent is for them to be at the same point in the story. My assumption is that since you’ll (likely) be able to get some sort of version exclusive Pokemon leading up to their gyms that will help you against said gym, I doubt it’ll be a problem. We’ll have to see though.


      2. poketravellerlola

        I hope so, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of version exclusive Pokemon to help with whichever Gym you get in the game.

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