Later and Later – Mudkip Community Day

So recently we’ve been having Community Days from 3-6pm. Now, in line with the announced Raikou day being 4-7pm, we’ve just had an announcement that Mudkip will be the next featured Community Day Pokemon – as predicted.

To be honest I’ve been liking these new trailers that Niantic have been making for these Community Days, I have to admit that first and foremost. However, the new time is 4-7pm, rather than the previous 3-6pm.

Bear in mind that these times are specifically for your timezone. But I’m concerned that the forecast European heatwave will create more problems. The new time change was under the guise that the heat won’t be as bad during these hours, when in fact the heat will be worse (and I can tell you this from experience, there’s barely any difference when you’re in Mediterranean climes).

The usual 3-hour lure bonus applies, as well as the 3x XP rewards and the chance of a shiny Mudkip. I’ll say this now, Mudkip is my favourite of the Hoenn starters, so I’m happy to see the shiny being released finally. But we all knew it’d be Mudkip, let’s be real.

Overall, we should have a good time, if this Community Day in Europe is better than the one that we had for Slakoth. I’d hate to go out of my way for a repeat of last month.

Sorry it’s not a long post, there’s just not an awful lot I can say, really. If we had the announcement yesterday, I would have included it in the news round-up I posted yesterday. Oh well, it happens I suppose.

I want to make a quick edit – I love that they incorporated the ‘I herd yew liek Mudkipz’ meme into the video – I mean, you have the two Mudkips doing the ‘Mud’ ‘Kip’ thing and it’s awesome! Just look at the Mudkip cluster!

4 thoughts on “Later and Later – Mudkip Community Day

  1. Tim

    I’m a bit confused by the moving it later thing to make things cooler. On one hand, yes, this makes great sense. On the other hand, I feel like the hours picked don’t really help. 4-7pm is peak thunderstorm time in the Midwest US in the summer. If they really wanted it cooler, they’d do 4-7am (I know this isn’t practical, but it makes just as much sense).


    1. poketravellerlola

      Tbh I would maybe get up for a 4-7am Community Day. It would be awful and I’d be exhausted though. I’d rather Community Day be a full day or 6 hours at least instead of the 3 we have at the moment. Perhaps from 8am until 2pm. That way there’s a time to suit those in summer, and those in the southern hemisphere can play with some sunlight. The time doesn’t affect me weather-wise, as it doesn’t get painfully hot in the UK, but I’ve been out in stiflingly hot temperatures before and I wouldn’t wish heatstroke on loads of players.

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      1. Tim

        I feel like how they did Eevee day last year was a great solution, if not still somewhat flawed. Have the event spread over two days with the event Pokémon spawning at a higher rate at all times, but only have the community day spawn rate in a smaller window. It worked well.


      2. poketravellerlola

        I feel that either the Eevee weekend-style or like December’s, where the CD Pokemon would spawn throughout the whole weekend would be a best fit. That way everyone gets a shot at the Pokemon.

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