European Slakoth Day + Go Fest Dortmund – Plus More News!

There’s been a lot happening of late, and I wanted to go over everything. We received the news the other day of Research Breakthrough changes, a new Spinda pattern and EX Raid updates.

From July 1st until September 1st, Latios and Latias will be joined by Kyogre and Groudon in Research Breakthrough boxes. This makes the 10,000,000th time that Kyogre and Groudon have been released – while this clashes with Groudon re-re-re-re-re-release, does this mean that it’s pointless to try Groudon raids? I don’t think so – while this is good in theory, it means less chances of obtaining a shiny Groudon (if that’s what you want). However if you don’t want to raid, or can’t, the alternative is there.

The other piece of news is that Spinda’s form will be changing in Research encounters – most likely with the ‘Make 5 Great Curveballs in a row’ task. This coincides with the release of shiny Spinda too. Now I have some problems with this – the task is very rare – either it’s been too far away from me to venture out and get it, or nobody reports them. Personally, I haven’t seen one since March, and I’ve only ever seen the task in high-density areas. I have no problem completing the task (I’ve helped someone complete one before), I just can’t seem to get one myself.

The third piece of news comes after I’ve just done an EX Raid for Defense forme Deoxys – Speed forme is being released as of this week to EX Raids – if you received a pass from this Monday going forward, you will raid a Speed forme Deoxys. It’s definitely more fragile than Defense, but not as much as Attack forme. It brings me onto the early topic of what could come next in EX Raids – somehow I have the feeling Darkrai would be a good addition to the EX roster.

And the last piece of news is why I selected the appropriate featured image. The EMEA Slakoth Community Day ‘repeat’ will feature increased Slakoth spawns and Slaking with Body Slam available from July 4th 10am CEST until July 7th 6pm CEST. This spans the entire weekend, and I feel this will play out similar to a Safari Zone/Go Fest shiny release (Roselia/Plusle/Minun, etc.). However, this does clash with Go Fest in Dortmund, so we may see a mixture of Slakoth and the Go Fest spawns that we saw last time (with maybe a new shiny). I feel like this is bad timing for EMEA, as it does coincide with an event that already has been established. However, I’m interested that we are getting a whole weekend for this, rather than a three-hour window. I still feel that it is a bad idea to tie in event spawns with weather, instead of making them different. But that’s just my opinion, I’m not a programmer.

So that’s it for the round-up. I’m sorry there’s been some silence. I’ve been working on my mental health and blogging has for the most part taken a back seat. But I’ll be back with more content soon!

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