Why I’m Not Disappointed in Pokemon Sword/Shield – My Opinion

I want to go into this discussion with you guys in my usual honest fashion, which means that there are opinions that people will not like. However, these opinions come from my gameplay style and how I like to enjoy the Pokemon games. I also wanted to write this over the course of a few days so that I’m not jumping into the discussion without thinking it through first.

Now as we saw during the Nintendo E3 Direct and Treehouse, there will be no transfer of Pokemon from Home to Sword/Shield for any Pokemon not part of the Galar region Pokedex. Now, this means like with Gen 7, there is no national Pokedex, but unlike those games, not every Pokemon can be transferred over. So fan favourites like Absol and Luxray may not be able to be transferred over to the Galar region (we have had no confirmation of these two not appearing yet so I’m using these as examples). I want to make the points that people are concerned with, and give my own thoughts. I know I play the games differently to some people, so that’s why I’m giving my own opinions here.

The functionality of Pokemon Home

I can understand how people feel about paying for a service like Bank or Home, that is unable to transfer Pokemon from one game to another. This is supposedly down to hardware issues in term of the development side rather than the device side. But at the same time I’m not sure how to feel about having a cloud system for Pokemon where you can’t bring them in to a game where they are not a a part of the Pokedex. I would not be spending my money on Home if this was the case, which is likely.

Competitive play and tournaments

I will preface this by saying that I can see Pokemon tournaments staying within the Gen 7 format. However, the way that the non-transfer will work is that it may change competitive battling, especially in tournaments – it essentially will show a preference to strategy over meta. We may get a Pachirisu repeat – but we don’t know that yet. At this point in time we don’t know an awful lot about what is to come. I personally don’t play competitively, and I enjoy having fun with the game. At least we won’t see so many of the same Pokemon in the tournaments I suppose, it will force those who do tournaments to rethink their entire teams.

All of the time spent breeding for BR Pokemon

With competitive gameplay comes the time that is spent breeding for the correct natures on Pokemon and making them battle ready. I can understand the frustration. People also breed for shinies using the Masuda Method (I’ve only just started doing this, never really mattered to me). As I mentioned, I can still understand that all of those people have spent hours preparing their Pokemon for battles or shiny hunting. These are mainly things I do for fun, rather for a competitive setting.

People want a National Pokedex

It’s clear that people want a National Pokedex. I can easily point out that USUM didn’t have a National Pokedex, but at least they had the capability of having all of the Pokemon in the games. This time around, they haven’t been coded in. I like the idea of a National Pokedex, but clearly that’s not happening.

People’s least favourite Pokemon make the cut over favourites

You hear a lot of complaining how Vanilluxe will make the cut over other Pokemon that people prefer. However, I would just try and make new favourites to compensate. Luxray might not be in it, but I could find a new Pokemon to enjoy playing with.

The inability to delay the release of the games

There is no ability to delay the SwSh games. I wish I could say that there might be, but with a lot of connecting business models to go along with the games – the anime, the TCG, the merchandising – a lot of connecting models aren’t as flexible as the games could be. The only solution is later patching the game to implement all of the Pokemon. Masuda has stated that there are no plans to change this via updates, but hopefully the need to do some damage control will make them decide on the best routes.

Where I stand with this issue – I think I’ve made it clear that it doesn’t make much difference to me. I am a little disappointed in this decision, but it isn’t going to stop me from buying the games. However, I don’t think I will invest in Pokemon Home until this is rectified. I don’t see the point of filling my Twitter with complaints and the cancel culture we’ve gotten ourselves into. The gameplay video has been heavily disliked on Youtube, and GameFreak ideally needs to do some damage control.

However, all I can say is we don’t know how many Pokemon are going to be a part of the Galar Pokedex, so we won’t know the true extent of the damage until then.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Disappointed in Pokemon Sword/Shield – My Opinion

  1. Tim

    I think my only real disappointment with the way they’re planning to do transfers to Sword/Shield has to do with Pokemon I currently have in Go. There’s a handful of Pokemon I really like that are functionally useless in Go — either because they’re just bad in Go (Mawile, Flygon, Drifloon) or because I don’t have many PvP playing friends (Azumarill) — that I’d love to put into Sword/Shield. That said, we don’t know if those Pokemon will even be able to be transferred. I get why they’re doing it, but it does disappointment.


    1. poketravellerlola

      According to Serebii, Drifloon may be in Sword/Shield. As someone who’s never used Bank, I needed a huge incentive to use Home to begin with, but there’s even less incentive to use it now. I just hope changes can be made in the future.


      1. Tim

        I must have missed Drifloon maybe being in Sword/Shield. That’d be nice. It was one of my favorites to use in Sun/Moon.


      2. poketravellerlola

        A lot of my favourite Pokemon tend to be ones I don’t normally use in a battle setting (except perhaps Roserade). Vikavolt was one of my favourites to use in USUM, and I’m glad that’s coming back at least!

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